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There have been mixed opinions about the enhancement of auditory senses in blind individuals with interest in understanding the effects of visual loss on remaining senses.
Unlike tactile, in the case of the auditory sense, the image frame mapping will not be a 1:1 pixel mapping.
There are many experiments that have studied the relationship between the visual and the auditory senses in respect to sound localization [2].
It covers various types of radiation, how it is generated, how it interacts with matter, and how healthy tissue can be protected against unsafe radiation levels; the main imaging modalities using ionizing radiation (x-ray radiography, scintigraphy, and PET (positron emission tomography)); the life cycle of cells, cancer development, and the main concepts and methods for radiation treatment, namely x-ray radiotherapy, proton and neutron radiation therapy, and brachytherapy; and laser treatment applications, the application of multifunctional nanoparticles, and prosthetics for limbs, stenosis, and the visual and auditory senses.
This amusement arcade game is virtual reality machine that stimulates not only visual and auditory senses, but adds aroma and feeling to stimulate the five human senses.
In particular, share this tool with at-risk and special needs students who use their auditory senses for learning.
In contrast to current virtual reality systems that only stimulate visual and auditory senses, in the future, the experience will expand to other sensory modalities including tactile with haptic devices.
Each game also stimulates visual and auditory senses, reinforcing cognitive functions and accelerating neuroplasticity.
Soon every bit of my auditory senses are filled with that' horrible and aggressive sound.
A toy is such an important tool for a kid to develop his senses, sight, touch, auditory senses, coordination, motor skills, fine and gross motor skills," she said.
This is because videos stimulate both the visual and auditory senses, which allows a prospect to process information faster.
Vision, in this case, is better replaced by touch and auditory senses, and so I tried to use touch as the primary mode of interaction, and see how it goes.
The problem for many dyslexic children is connecting mental processes with the visual and auditory senses.
Cirrus Healthcare has taken a similar interest and created products that help protect our auditory senses," she adds.
A feast for the auditory senses, passionate, wondrous, and highly recommended as a gift for music lovers as well as for public library music CD collections.