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A feast for the auditory senses, passionate, wondrous, and highly recommended as a gift for music lovers as well as for public library music CD collections.
The playful butterfly can serve as a hanging mobile that jingles and crinkles to help babies hone their auditory senses.
The vestibular and auditory senses have much in common, as they share the same "home.
at) is such an event, and is truly a feast for both the visual and auditory senses.
Music helps create an even greater emotional experience in this setting by bringing together the visual and auditory senses,'' Albright said.
Your GP can refer your child to specialists to test visual and auditory senses, speech and language difficulties.
Our kinesthetic and auditory senses will always share close quarters.
Extended to four sessions in comparison to last year's solo showing, the signature event features a unique blend of hot air balloons and rhythmic music that shall please both the audience's visual and auditory senses.
It significantly enhances the artist-fan connection by elevating the auditory senses to a new level of listening pleasure.
The virtual aspect captures shoppers' attention from the moment they enter the store - engaging their visual and auditory senses.