auditory sensation

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Timbre is the auditory sensation that enables a listener to judge that two sounds presented with the same loudness and pitch are dissimilar, e.
Given that the prefrontal cortex might modulate auditory processing activity, one would expect that stimulation of this area--with TMS, for example--might indeed interfere with auditory sensation, and presumably tinnitus.
One of these effects is an auditory sensation that occurs as a result of the thermoelastic expansion of cerebral tissues, which causes a slight but sudden increase in temperature secondary to the absorption of the incident energy.
They pointed out that our understanding of the molecular biology of auditory sensation and hearing loss is expanding exponentially, and it will soon change how otolaryngologists diagnose and possibly treat sensorineural hearing loss.
We were thus able to reprogram all electrodes without stimulating the facial nerve, while still providing a true auditory sensation (except for the most apical electrodes).