auditory nerve

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a composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea

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The auditory nerve is not fully developed until late adolescence, which means that secondhand smoking puts adolescents at increased risk for hearing impairment.
The waves of Auditory Brainstem Response ABR (I-V) represent volume conducted electrical activity from auditory nerve to midbrain through medullo-ponto-lemniscal system.
The brain cranks up the volume to make up for the pathologically low signal from the auditory nerve, exaggerating everything and creating tinnitus," Schaette says.
This placement provides good spectral spread because it is near the end point of the auditory nerve where the place map is spatially most spread; however, the electric fields are fairly broad and cannot be focused on a specific place the way an inner hair cell can excite a specific auditory neuron.
While a hearing aid amplifies the sound entering your ear, a cochlear implant converts sound waves into electrical impulses, bypassing the inner ear, and transmits them to the auditory nerve.
The device - which is packed full of computer circuitry - is implanted in the skull behind the ear while an external transmitter stimulates the auditory nerve to recreate sound.
Created in a university research laboratory, the device enables deaf people to process sound information through the auditory nerve.
Or it could be caused by a blocked Eustachian tube and an auditory nerve that isn't functioning properly.
The implant converts sound waves into weak electric currents, which are delivered to the auditory nerve in the inner ear or cochlea.
160,165-169) Other related studies have demonstrated an 86% age-associated reduction in glutathione levels in the auditory nerve, while other cochlear tissues maintained stable levels.
Perhaps he also suffers from an auditory nerve defect?
The auditory nerve then carries sounds to the brain, which tells you just what you're hearing.
We believe TomoTherapy's especially homogenous dose distribution capabilities may help to spare sensitive auditory nerve tissue.
The auditory nerve sends the signals to the brain, where they are interpreted as sounds.
ABR is an invaluable clinical tool that can be used a number of ways, including estimating auditory sensitivity, screening newborns for hearing loss, diagnosing auditory nerve or brainstem lesions, and monitoring the auditory nerve and brainstem pathways intra operatively, or during surgery.