auditory meatus

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either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane

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One researcher extended the carpenter s level from the "patient's" external auditory meatus to the collection system and adjusted the level until it was level with the horizontal.
The indications for treatment in this case were the patient's sensation of a mass effect, the encroachment of the mass onto the external auditory meatus, and a cosmetic deformity.
Magnetic resonance imaging identified bilateral lesions, each approximately 2 centimetres in diameter, at the internal auditory meatus (figure 2), consistent with a radiological diagnosis of bilateral acoustic neuromas.
Superior semicircular canal dehiscence and an abnormally wide internal auditory meatus are clinical entities characterized by vestibular and cochlear symptoms.
The relationship between skin pH and inflammation of the external auditory meatus, resulting in acute or chronic otitis externa, is well recognized.
Specimen of molluscum contagiosum developed in the external auditory meatus.
Osseous LCH may involve the flat bones of the skull, the facial bones, the bones of the jaw and sinonasal tract, and the medial part of the external auditory meatus.
We report the case of a 49-year-old man who presented with left aural fullness, hearing loss, and a stenotic left external auditory meatus.
On physical examination, we noted a large, pale mass that was well covered in squamous epithelium just medial to her external auditory meatus, which was pulsatile (figure, A).
2) However, much more recent research has suggested that auditory exostoses are probably triggered by environmental factors--namely, perfrigeration (minor frostbite) of the auditory meatus induced by sustained exposure to cold water, low air temperatures, and/or cold winds.
This canal appears to be a vulnerable area through which tumors may extend unobstructed into the internal auditory meatus and posterior cranial fossa.