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The motion of fluid in the cochlea stimulates hair cells in the Organ of Corti which, in turn, generate action potentials that are transmitted via the cochlear nerve through the central auditory pathway to the auditory cortex.
Neural activity in the auditory cortex in response to the sounds was at least 10 times greater than when activity in the locus coeruleus was chemically suppressed.
In both dogs and people, other brain regions near the primary auditory cortex were more active when hearing happier noises, regardless of whether the voice belonged to a dog or a person.
About half of the whole auditory cortex lit up in dogs when listening to these noises, compared with 3% of the same area in humans.
Tinnitus is likely triggered by random neural activity in the auditory cortex," said Tim Evans, Managing Director at Hearing and Mobility Ltd.
Brain imaging has shown that when we hear an unpleasant noise the amygdala modulates the response of the auditory cortex, heightening activity and provoking our negative reaction.
Consequently, the primary auditory cortex on each side of the brain is sensitive to stimulation through either ear but is more strongly driven by contralateral stimulation.
The business of storing sounds is done by the brain's auditory cortex which can be likened to an internal iPod.
Acoustic CR Neuromodulation transmits a unique and patient-specific set of tones to the patient's auditory cortex, using a match-box sized acoustic device, with small medical earphones.
The audio is where we hear an idea, like recalling a few notes of a favorite tune, activating the auditory cortex.
Some specific topics include cortical oscillations and multisensory interactions in humans, imaging crossmodal influences in the auditory cortex, and the default model of primate vocal communication and its neural correlates.
Areas of the brain's auditory cortex that would normally pick up peripheral sound boosted peripheral vision.
This project builds upon previous successful animal research and will utilize MicroTransponder's novel method of pairing neurostimulation with auditory stimuli to remap the auditory cortex and eliminate tinnitus.
A team of University of Oregon researchers have isolated an independent processing channel of synapses inside the brainAAEs auditory cortex that deals specifically with shutting off sound processing at appropriate times.
Expansion of the tonotopic area in the auditory cortex of the blind.