auditory communication

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Auditory communication means information is exchanged by --.
The MeMeMe's: The band describe their music as 'an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner'.
For instance, if you are a person for whom auditory communication is most effective (and only 10-15% of us are) and I am a visual-dominant person (which more than 60% of us are), we may not connect at the same level.
Koelsch regards the results of the study as consistent with the controversial theory that the comprehension of music evolved as the brain's basic means for auditory communication and made possible the tonal modulations crucial to many languages, such as Chinese and Thai.
Among the topics are cortical and thalamic pathways for multisensory and sensorimotor interplay, multisensory integration through neural coherence, animal and human studies of spatial and temporal features of multisensory processes, the late development of multisensory integration in humans, peripersonal space as a multisensory interface for body-object interactions, the body in a multisensory world, and a multisensory perspectives on human auditory communication.