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In view of the important contribution of hearing to communication among older people and the limited access to audiological services, primary care services are expected to provide auditory acuity screening of the geriatric population and refer patients to secondary care services as and when necessary (26).
Adults often differ from youths in body size, weight, physical endurance, visual clarity, and auditory acuity.
The speaker located at 30[degrees] (in front and slightly to the right) would have an advantage because it is located in a region characterized by better auditory acuity.
Auditory Acuity Difficulties involve problems with taking in information through the sense of hearing and/ or processing that information.
For comparison purposes, the participants' visual and auditory acuity were also assessed.
Auditory acuity and performance on the Mental Status Questionnaire in the elderly.
Information regarding the hearing level of a specific resident is important, as reduced auditory acuity has been implicated in other problems.
The auditory acuity of cases and controls were compared in relation to glycaemic status (FBS, PPBS), HbA1c and duration of DM and statistically analysed.