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Synonyms for auditor

Synonyms for auditor

someone who listens attentively

a student who attends a course but does not take it for credit

a qualified accountant who inspects the accounting records and practices of a business or other organization

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However, at the moment when Master Florian Barbedienne was reading the sentence in his turn, before signing it, the clerk felt himself moved with pity for the poor wretch of a prisoner, and, in the hope of obtaining some mitigation of the penalty, he approached as near the auditor's ear as possible, and said, pointing to Quasimodo, "That man is deaf."
And then, was it nothing to wield absolute supremacy over the sergeants of the police, the porter and watch of the Châtelet, the two auditors of the Châtelet, auditores castelleti , the sixteen commissioners of the sixteen quarters, the jailer of the Châtelet, the four enfeoffed sergeants, the hundred and twenty mounted sergeants, with maces, the chevalier of the watch with his watch, his sub-watch, his counter-watch and his rear-watch?
But at the same moment, his two auditors, accompanied by the host, fell upon D'Artagnan with sticks, shovels and tongs.
Additional risks may exist related to jurisdictional auditor oversight, discipline, and external quality assurance and differences in policies and procedures, including audit methodologies.
One key to understanding the role of the auditor is the universal audit concept of professional skepticism.
"[W]hen obtaining an understanding of internal control, the auditor should obtain an understanding of the internal audit function sufficient to identify those internal audit activities that are relevant to planning the audit (AICPA, 1991, AU [section] 322.04)."
Through an experiment with practicing financial statement auditors, a recent study found that auditors will rely heavily on the testing of a competent IT auditor when assessing control risk and planning substantive testing.
Switching costs include inefficiencies attributed to auditor changes and any market signal associated with changing auditors captured in changes in the company's stock price on or around the date of the auditor change.
Like CCR, ABA recommended that the regulators use their rulemaking authority to drive a more risk-based approach to auditor attestations.
It is essential to note that auditor independence should be as important to Department leaders as it is to the auditors themselves.
During an audit, everyone from top management to temporary employees must be prepared for a variety of questions from the auditor. Typically, auditors want to speak in depth with top management and those with direct authority over aspects identified in the program.
Also, the new standards redefine longstanding concepts, such as "reasonable assurance," "financial statement assertions" and "audit evidence." They also set forth provisions that emphasize the planning phase, setting the stage for a more efficient audit engagement while reminding the auditor "planning and supervision continue throughout the audit."
The rules ban auditor participation in tax-motivated transactions that the IRS has already identified as problematic, that must be kept secret or that do not meet the standard of having at least a 51% chance of being allowable, but also "preserve public companies' ability to look to the expertise of their auditor for garden-variety tax planning advice and compliance assistance."
530.01 and .05, "Dating of the Independent Auditor's Report").
(Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, members of a company's supervisory board and audit committee must be "independent" from a corporation.) Second, a corporation under German law can continue to have the statutory auditor elected by the general shareholders' meeting, acting as the law states on the proposal of the company's supervisory board.