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of or relating to the process of hearing

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Pour autant, par inconscience, insouciance, ignorance, les Marocains n'ont pas encore integre la sante auditive comme facteur cle de sante.
Nous qui sommes noyes dans un monde sonore allant du bruit de fond a l'agression auditive en passant par la musique d'attente (6), ne connaissant aucune periode de silence faisant contraste, il importe de bien reperer la portee des messages sonores anciens qui fixent les reperes temporels et spirituels d'une communaute.
The study also revealed that auditive memory in people is can accurately replicate songs.
During our experiment, we have taken into consideration the psychological characteristics of both visual and auditive long--term memory.
In addition to the performed audio evaluation, a new acquisition campaign including music and voice is being performed in order to undergo a more complete auditive assessment.
Disprezzera cesellature e sfumature di linguaggio, e in fretta vi gettera affannosamente nei nervi le sue sensazioni visive, auditive, olfattive, secondo la loro corrente incalzante.
This includes visual, auditive, and three-dimensional sign systems, both static and dynamic" (Brockmeier and Carbaugh 2001: 4).
Nothing pure; but a mixture of completely incoherent auditive and psychic stimuli.
The simplest method is the auditive perception, mostly performed by a speech therapist.
Gli spettatori sono bombar dati da una quantita enorme di informazioni auditive e visuali e ciascuno di essi e chiamato a costruire il suo film classificandole.
Phonological awareness was assessed with the French Auditory Analysis Test (Test d'analyse auditive en francais, TAAF) proposed by Rosner and Simon (1971).
ce qui est present a nos sens, ce qui tombe sous notre faculte auditive, objective, etc.
The article "On the Enets Evidential Suffixes" by Ago Kunnap presents an evidential system where in addition to indirect evidentiality also direct auditive evidentiality is represented.
Attentional competence, visual tracking and auditive comprehension seemed important predictors for rehabilitation readiness.
Interestingly, however, they also associated emotions like anger, surprise or impatience with the expressions, which seem to be based on auditive images.