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of or relating to the process of hearing

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Le president de cette association, Chafik El Aoud, medecin Oto-Rhyno-Laryngologiste, a indique a la correspondante de TAP dans la region, que cette caravane a pour but de sensibiliser toutes les parties concernees a l'importance du depistage precoce de la deficience auditive chez l'enfant, afin de mieux traiter la maladie .
PERCEVAL: Perception Evaluation Auditive & Visuelle (v.
Cela dit, l'audification est preponderante et les sons de Delay evoquent une image auditive tres concrete de la surface de la peinture grace a la relation indicielle qu'elle entretient avec elle.
c) Auditive hallucinations giving a running commentary on the patient's behavior, or talking to each other, or another type of auditive hallucinations, coming from a certain part of the body.
Tard, dans les annees '20 du siecle passe, la radio, premier moyen de transmission auditive des messages, a fait son apparition et, quelques decennies plus tard, la television a fait irruption dans l'espace mediatique.
The author investigates how the use of an auditive analysis is able to reveal the difference between characters according to their use of language, which remains hidden to non-Scandinavians but is a crucial dramatic means.
The first domain, conceptual consciousness, consists of passive vocabulary and critical listening, while the second domain, language consciousness, consists of sound and rhyme, hearing the first and last words, auditive synthesis, and writing orientation.
Elle fonctionne entre les choses et le verbe, se double de la representation auditive propre aux mots, et se complete des implications gymnastiques de leur emission.
senzatie--perceptie--pacientul declara pseudohalucinatii auditive (il aude pe Dumnezeu care ii spune: "pregateste-te ca va veni sfarsitul"), halucinatii olfactive ("mirosuri ciudate" care apar brusc), halucinatii gustative ("mancarea are gust ciudat") si iluzii optice;
With the intention to evaluate what was described in testing phase, during the third phase, a form was designed for professors, which has the propositions regarding to the usability prototype based on the learning methodoly required to stimulate motor, congnitive and auditive abilities of preschool children.
Print media has had a pivotal role in building nation states and national cultures, whereas globalization of culture has taken place primarily in auditive and visual media forms.
This memory task displayed the numbers consecutively on a computer screen both visually and auditive.
During the judo fight there is a large amount of visual data processing (griping dispute), proprioceptive (exchanges of attempts to upset balance), kinaesthetic (positions of projection) and auditive (techno-tactical orientations provided by the coach).
Sa lecture auditive en est simple afin que tous en comprennent le message.