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A successful audition is not only important for admittance into a desired music program; it also increases the chances of securing music scholarships in most schools.
That's why there's mirrors in the audition hall, so they can watch only if they want to.
The feedback kids enrolled in our programs get from their audition program helps get them involved, keeps them interested and increases retention rates.
Other cities where auditions have already wrapped up include Chicago and Austin, which had thousands of people show off their talents in November.
Audition dates: Mar 6 (New York, NY), Mar 13 (Los Angeles, CA)
Applicants should sent a rsum and a $50 refundable audition deposit payable to the Eugene Symphony, Attn: Auditions, 115 W.
THE X Factor auditions will stop off at a new destination next week.
For the first stage of the audition process, Joe auditioned in front of the show's producers.
BIG BROTHER has teamed up with YouTube to launch an online "auditions channel", ahead of the open auditions which are coming to Birmingham later this month.
The website also features former housemates' original audition videos and tips on how to make it into the house.
She and a handful of other would-be singers and dancers lined up in a hot Lankershim Boulevard studio, the next-to-last stop on a nationwide tour of auditions.
In total, 120 places are available at the Cardiff audition and up to 2,000 young people will be auditioned nationwide to take part in the seven projects offering a total of 200 places.
Audition dates: Feb 10 (Milan, Italy), Feb 17 (Los Angeles, CA), Feb 17 (London, UK), Feb 24 (Chicago, IL), Feb 24 (Canberra, Australia), Mar 4 (New York, NY)
The Seoul audition will be held at COEX in Samsung-dong.
Audition requirements are available at eugeneconcertchoir.