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an inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA

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Local Government Minister Barbara Follett, responding for the Government, said: "Birmingham City Council failed to meet the timetable last year, and its audited accounts for 2008-9 had still not been published by 2008-9.
For all companies, listed or other than listed, the last date for filling of annual audited accounts is extended to December 1, 2015, from earlier date of November 30, 2015.
Furthermore, it is mandatory for certain categories of companies to file annual audited accounts within 30 days of holding of their AGMs.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy Magdi Hassan Yassin has affirmed, at the meeting of the SSMO General Assembly on the discussion of the final audited accounts of SSMO held Wednesday at premises of the ministry, importance of computerization of SSMO accounting system, in coordination with the Chamber of the Accounts, to facilitate the task of the National Auditor and to accelerate delivery of the final audited accounts.
File the annual audited accounts right from its inception till the year 2010- 2011 along with a tabular statement indicating year- wise income," Justice Shakdher, said in the order.
If Coun Rogers would like to see the accounts then if she were to join the GMB she would also get a copy of the union's fully audited accounts.
They failed to pay debts of over EUR300k as required last Friday - and the lack of audited accounts may not help their cause.
The communication also mentions about the subsequent annual renewal will be automatic in respect of federation which submits the annual report and audited accounts along with information relating to twelve areas like on details of elections held, steps taken for dope free sports including compliance to World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) and National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) code along with details of cases found positive and action taken thereon.
The majority (56 per cent) of their US counterparts share this view of UK audited accounts.
6m will not be required to submit audited accounts.
This restraint arose out of the IRS's recognition that, without unfettered communication between auditor and client, information contained in tax accrual workpapers could result in less reliable audited accounts.
But they said I needed three years' worth of audited accounts because I owned my own business.
It provides CIMA with accurate, electronic data, extracted mostly from audited accounts, for use in reporting aggregate information on the fund industry such as size, growth, change, market share and investments by and in funds.
receiving accounts of the overseas subsidiary, the audited accounts of
The statement said that the shareholders approved the annual audited accounts of the Bank and consolidated audited accounts of the Group for the year ended December 31, 2011 and acknowledged the good performance of the Bank.