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a listing of audit procedures to be performed in completing an audit

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58) Generally available only to taxpayers with an established filing history, managed audit programs allow taxpayers to conduct a self audit by using state-specific guidelines.
But before discussing the results of our hospital bill audit program, we need to present some background on the Washington State Fund.
In support of these lofty goals, provider reimbursements will come under increasing scrutiny as the current recovery audit programs expand in 2011 to include:
In this audio session on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, Jim will analyze the HIPAA audit program and how it works.
Oncor has contracted with Texas HERO (Texas Home Energy Rating Organization) to implement the Residential Energy Audit Program.
The MTC audit program will be making more time for auditors, but needs some early information up front to know issues and do proper planning.
Most, if not all, I'm told, have designated a financial person - generally the corporate controller or CFO - to be responsible for the outsourced internal audit program, in addition to his or her other duties.
Overview: Do you have a corporate environmental, health and safety (EHS) audit program that is able to ensure regulatory compliance worldwide?
The director of the MTC Audit Program was receptive improving the program, and expressed a desire to meet with TEI to work through possible changes and foster a better understanding of the program.
After completion of the business and compliance system reviews, an audit program is prepared.
It is in the middle of an aggressive audit program testing the validity of such partnerships for estate and gift tax (transfer tax) purposes.
While over 340 inspectors in California now offer an EnergyCheckup as a voluntary service, it is poised to become the residential audit program of choice nationwide, due to its cost effective performance in the market.
Les Koenig, MTC's Director, Joint Audit Program, began by providing us with a two-page memorandum setting forth the MTC policy on "taxpayer-initiated audits.
Because of this, the IRS urged its auditors to consider a taxpayer's financial status and to probe for unreported income, initiating a financial status audit program in 1994.