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materials using sight or sound to present information

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The women recorded the incident on their phones audiovisually. This is perfectly acceptable since she was a witness to what they were doing and consented to their actions.
This edited volume looks in the other direction: how young people themselves engage in media, creating media messages and expressing themselves audiovisually. "Broadly speaking, youth media includes projects and programs that engage young people as creators of media products, often within nonprofit contexts such as schools, government agencies, or a variety of community-based organizations and, sometimes, the commercial sector" (p.
The book touches briefly on the codified noisemaking of ancient Greek theater (in glossing Nietzsche), but could have looked a little harder at less distant theater history--to developments in the late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century aurality of urbanization and romanticism, which theater had already begun to stage through the audiovisually pictorial dramaturgies of European pantomime and protomelodrama, from which most of the modern conventions of sound-effect and atmosphere emerged, as well as the musical and vocal gesturality of melodrama itself.
The opening and closing sequences of the film, I contend, audiovisually prioritize the future child at the expense of the more urgent figurative, potential, and actual violence incurred against the female body.
What is certain is that whenever it comes it will draw inspiration not only from the established classics of documentary, from Dziga Vertov and Robert Flaherty to Rouch and Frederick Wiseman, but also from the work of the more recent wave of documentarists discussed here, whose investigation of the world through image and sound, and quest for fresh ways to articulate their research and findings audiovisually, have significantly enriched and reinvigorated the documentary form.