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materials using sight or sound to present information

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have encouraged the development of audiovisual proficiency as the key to fomenting critically and audiovisually <<competent>> citizens.
What is certain is that whenever it comes it will draw inspiration not only from the established classics of documentary, from Dziga Vertov and Robert Flaherty to Rouch and Frederick Wiseman, but also from the work of the more recent wave of documentarists discussed here, whose investigation of the world through image and sound, and quest for fresh ways to articulate their research and findings audiovisually, have significantly enriched and reinvigorated the documentary form.
These patterns thus recover (and audiovisually adapt) the ancient Greek paideia where the formation of values was proposed by and from Homeric fiction-a paideia which Plato opposed as he advocated for conceptual rationalism (Jaeger, 1992).
As every participant got the material both visually and audiovisually, the modality effect cannot emerge between participants.
The subject of emotional stereotypes that are portrayed audiovisually (a discursive phenomenon that semiotics has called sentimentalisation or passionalisation) is fascinating, but is outside the purpose of this article, which aims to clearly explain why we experience a wide range of sensations when we watch moving images on the big screen.
The crew will audiovisually document their endeavors in the Arabic and English languages, with a view to establishing an archive of their work, Deputy head of the voluntarily-established Kuwait Diving Team, Walid Al-Shatti told KUNA.
Furthermore, a film makes it necessary to "show things left unsaid," that is, to make audiovisually explicit that which the literary text could afford to merely hint at by making it implicit or partially omitting it.