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materials using sight or sound to present information

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The crew will audiovisually document their endeavors in the Arabic and English languages, with a view to establishing an archive of their work, Deputy head of the voluntarily-established Kuwait Diving Team, Walid Al-Shatti told KUNA.
The actual process of production and montage, which took place between 2005 and 2007, allowed me to explore how these hip-hoppers wished to represent themselves audiovisually and, subsequently, how such representation contrasted with the more traditional aesthetics and conventions of film editing in anthropology.
There is also something to be said for the efficacy of TV news if we take into consideration the argument that people are more critical toward written material, which they perceive as less diverse compared to material presented auditively or audiovisually (Barrett & Sklar, 1980).
We asked that they allow us to audiovisually record them on one usual day when the family was at home.
The suspect confessed to having committed serious crimes documented audiovisually.