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materials using sight or sound to present information


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Oral health conditions of children were improved by providing oral health education with the help of audiovisual aids and brochure.
Student's views on audiovisual aids used during didactic lectures in a medical college.
Students liked combi-nation of audiovisual aids in their lectures.
Conclusion: It is possible to effectively educate soldiers in first aid despite low educational attainment if good quality instruction methodology including modern audiovisual aids is utilized.
The perception of audiovisual aids augmenting the understanding of the complex concepts was strongly proved by the study.
An assessment of the facility should be made to determine the need for any audiovisual aids required to support the presentation.
ERIC Descriptors: Educational Policy; Mass Media; Media Literacy; Audiovisual Communications; Audiovisual Aids; Leisure Time; Foreign Countries; Surveys
In New Jersey, the County educational audiovisual aids centers authorized the boards of education of two or more school districts in any county may by resolution adopted by a majority vote of all of the members of each such board, determine to establish a county educational audiovisual aids center.
You may decide to supplement an oral presentation with audiovisual aids. These should not detract from your message, so keep visual aids unfussy and simple.
Summary: DUBAI u Video games and other audiovisual aids can help distract children and ease pain, according to a study done locally to prove the effectiveness of new techniques in reducing discomfort during dental procedures.
"Teaching resources" include various audiovisual aids for teaching activities and also various social resources applicable to teaching (National Institute for Compilation and Translation in Taiwan, 1983).
Members of WILPF's Advancing Human Rights committee are available by phone and e-mail to coach you through the process and may be able to help you locate speakers or audiovisual aids to enhance the experience.
The conference also introduced several exciting new features, which included NCA's first barista demonstration and a virtual coffee mill tour using audiovisual aids. Another first, the pre-conference Espresso Training Course at Lavazza Premium Coffee's state-of-the-art training facility, was filled to capacity.
Steinberg and Hylton (1998) suggested the use of developmentally appropriate concepts, concrete activities, and audiovisual aids. They also recommended, as does the National Symposium on Abuse and Neglect of Children with Disabilities (1995), that prevention programs for children with disabilities be ongoing rather than a one-time effort; children with certain disabilities (i.e., cognitive) may need lessons repeated frequently.