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materials using sight or sound to present information


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To sum up, teaching resources include all kinds of teaching data, audiovisual aids, and social resources that can vivify, enrich, and facilitate the teaching process.
As importantly, educators have moved from lecturers with audiovisual aids, to instructors once again immersed in the never-ending process of teaming and sharing ideas.
Instructors should maintain a good sense of humor, employ a variety of teaching methods, make full use of available audiovisual aids, and occasionally find creative ways to change the pace of a learning activity.
Contents include audiovisual aids, interactive props, games and other teacher resource materials.
It's a fan's high-school term paper with such audiovisual aids as archival footage of '50s Minneapolis, a New York blizzard and race riots, combined with a line or two from a handful of Dylan classics.
Interest on learning and media dates at least from the early part of the century when "educational museums" were created to house such audiovisual aids as stereoscopic pictures and lantern slides.
For example, Goisman, Kent, Montgomery, Cheevers, and Goldfinger (1991) presented HIV prevention materials in a clear, succinct, and repetitive manner with audiovisual aids to 50 schizophrenic outpatients.
Video teleconferencing permits people in more than one location to speak to each other, see one another, and all see slides and other audiovisual aids used by one party in making a presentation to another.
In addition, a variety of free handbooks and study guides are available, and audiovisual aids can be borrowed through OSHA's regional offices.
But she finds she can use a full range of audiovisual aids effectively.
The Trainer's Handbook walks readers step-by-step through the training process and contains tips on assessing the needs of participants, keeping training learner-centered, incorporating activities into training, selecting audiovisual aids, and closing sessions creatively.
There will also be a small reading room featuring books, journals, magazines and audiovisual aids on astronomy.
Typical out-of-pocket expenditures were spent for instructional supplies and materials, audiovisual aids plus computer software.
It is entirely appropriate to use audiovisual aids in making a presentation to a group of educators.