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materials using sight or sound to present information

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The demand for audiovisual products and services is highest in state and local departments of public safety, emergency services, police, homeland security, education and information technology.
From a systems perspective, low-cost digital signal processing (DSP) technology has revolutionized the design of audiovisual systems, from recording and postproduction to presentation and display.
It established a sales unit for audiovisual products in Hong Kong in February 1996 and a sales unit for audiovisual and IT products in Shanghai in January 2001.
RAO is the first step toward the development of World Archives Online (WAO) for the online viewing, multicultural education, marketing, and distribution of the world's audiovisual archival materials over the Internet," said Abamedia President J.
Kujala's group plans to compare their audiovisual training with other proposed treatments.
The alarm sounded that public agencies alone could not be responsible for saving Canada's audiovisual past; the industry had to get involved.
The company-level CAVSP designation is the only program of its type available for the commercial audiovisual industry.
Al Hosani said the conference sheds light on the WIPO treaty that will shore up the rights of performers in their audiovisual performances.
Importante destacar um pressuposto fundamental que parte do entendimento de que o cinema e a origem do audiovisual contemporaneo, por ter fornecido padroes tecnologicos, de linguagem e de organizacao das relacoes dos agentes, estruturas e sistemas da industria audiovisual.
Depending on the support scheme, professionals (individuals and companies) who participate in the development of audiovisual production projects, distribute or promote films and audiovisual programmes, can apply for support.
According to a survey conducted by the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA), respondents noted some "growing pains" as IT professionals increasingly have to grapple with hosting audiovisual solutions, such as streaming media on their networks.
CMS, a prominent audiovisual design consulting firm, designed and implemented an array of state-of-the-art audiovisual and conference facilities on eight floors of Ernst & Young's new headquarters.
SOUTHERN BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS GROUP (SBCG), a premier audiovisual integrator and solution provider, and wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX), was recently designated as an InfoComm International Diamond Level Audiovisual Solutions Provider (AVSP), InfoComm's highest level of technology specialist certification.
The Tilburg municipality wishes to conclude a framework for audiovisual resources within the municipal offices.
French social scientists develop the analysis of audiovisual corpora as an analysis project, with precise objectives, stages, and other features of projects.