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magnetic tape for use in recording sound

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The presidential aide said people who denied the authenticity of the audiotapes have either lost the objectivity or had chosen voluntarily and intentionally to ignore objectivity.
Audiotapes of incriminating conversations appeared on social media over the weekend, one between Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi and MP Ermira Mehmeti and the other between
According to The Hollywood Reporter, authorities are now looking into whether Natalie was the source of the audiotapes leaked to a celebrity website.
The women are paid $1 an hour, with 50-cent increases each time they complete 100 90-minute audiotapes.
Customer-focused Sales Channels--Mike Whitney, CMTSE, Creative Strategies--CD or audiotape
Leger urged the court to make the timely release of such audiotapes a regular part of its procedures and to consider allowing television cameras into federal courtrooms.
Among Haights Cross's five business units is Oakstone Publishing which offers monthly subscription audiotapes, newsletters, multimedia, and web-based updates on the latest research and journal articles in the health field.
Computer chips, CDs, film, and video and audiotapes are usually rendered useless.
ABSTRACT The nursing process is used to provide a rationale for substituting formal lectures on maternal-child nursing theory with audiotapes included in instructional packages provided to students prior to scheduled classroom time.
We package and market you by putting together a professional kit with your biography, audiotapes, videotapes, and print-marketing materials.
Audiotapes of this year's homily and lectures are available from Family Media, Phone: (416) 757-4635.
The situation is worsening with audiotapes giving way to CDs, and DVDs supplanting VHS.
Those involved in the category also note that the music industry has become more fragmented, with fewer megahit albums that inspire consumers to make their own audiotapes.
Audiotapes of all kinds--fiction, history, current events, etc.
Subjects were escorted to a listening laboratory where they were instructed to listen to filtered and unfiltered audiotapes through earphones at a comfortable loudness level.