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Synonyms for audio

the audible part of a transmitted signal

an audible acoustic wave frequency

the sound elements of television

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Liquid Audio will enable its music software products, Liquid Music Player and Liquid Music Server, to support the RealMedia platform.
With RealMedia Platform compatibility, Liquid Audio is helping to standardize multimedia on the Web," said Gerry Kearby, CEO for Liquid Audio.
The RealMedia platform supports Windows, Unix and Power Mac and can stream several different data types, including audio, video, animation, MIDI, images and text.
Nasdaq:QSND), a prominent supplier of audio software solutions today announced that Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Maverick semiconductors became the leading Internet audio chips in 2000 and run a wide variety of Internet entertainment devices including Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Internet TVs, eBooks, network-based home audio players, digital car audio players and portable Internet audio players.