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the measurement of hearing


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measuring sensitivity of hearing

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The aims of this study were to summarize the clinical manifestations and audiological characteristics of AN, to explore the roles of pure tone audiometry, acoustic immittance test, auditory brainstem response test and distortion product (DP) otoacoustic emission test in AN diagnosis, to investigate whether AN was complicated with vestibular function disorders or other nervous system diseases, and importantly, to provide valuable evidence for future clinical and experimental studies on AN.
In this article, we describe our case series in which we assessed the relative contributions of auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing and auditory steady-state response (ASSR) testing in facilitating appropriate hearing aid fitting for hearing-impaired children in whom behavioral audiometry was difficult or unreliable.
The present study therefore aims to determine the reproducibility and accuracy of the whispered voice test as a screening tool for detecting hearing loss among older people by employing different phrases and using pure-tone threshold audiometry as the reference test.
Results: Pure tone audiometry (PTA) of 448 industry workers showed that 39(8.
Only the results for the best ear were considered for analysis, both for the tone average in audiometry, and for SRS.
Postgame audiometry was conducted after the official's departure from the ice.
The medical centre has established five stalls here, where they have teams from four health departments -- audiometry, heart, dental and physiotherapy.
Hearing was assessed using Pure Tone and High Frequency Audiometry up to 12 KHz and Oto-Acoustic Emissions up to 6 KHz at the time of initiation of ART (Baseline), 3rd month and 9th month.
If proven to be accurate and comparable to the gold standard pure tone audiometry, it could become a revolutionary screening tool for detecting hearing impairment as these devices are very popular among people from all spectra and much cheaper compared to the conventional audiogram.
14] Behavioural audiometry allows threshold estimation across the entire frequency range for both air and bone conduction, which is essential information for speech and language development.
Wrestlers in both groups underwent audiologic examinations including pure tone audiometry and impedance audiometry.
The sensorineural and conductive hearing loss of both left and right ears, and senorineural hearing loss of right ear were found by the pure tone audiometry on day 70.
With over 25 years training experience in subjects such as Noise at Work, Hand Arm Vibration, Audiometry, Air Sampling, and Gas Detection, Castle says it has a long and well respected presence in the field.
Complimentary consultations for dental care, paediatric care, gynaecology and audiometry will also be available.
Plastic surgeons, speech therapists, and otolaryngologists from Japan provide information on etiology and gene mutation; diagnosis, including imaging, audiometry, development of the auricle and external auditory canal and rib cartilage, bone-conduction auditory brainstem response and steady-state response, anomalies of the auditory ossicles, otitis media and subcutaneous abscess, and deciding on the position, timing, and method of surgery; surgical procedures, with illustrations and photos; intraoperative and postoperative complications like infection, necrosis, and facial nerve palsy; outcomes; management of postoperative wounds; hair removal; long-term hearing results; and psychological changes in patients.