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the measurement of hearing


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measuring sensitivity of hearing

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After audiometry, imaging studies may be performed to further evaluate the hearing loss.
Where someone was unable to understand the pure tone audiometry test explanations, I used a basic whisper voice test to ascertain a basic level of hearing.
20] Portable audiometers are also becoming more advanced, and provide good-quality diagnostic audiometry in any environmental setting.
Tables 2 and 3 and Figure 3 (3a, right ear; 3b, left ear) detail audiometry results and associated statistical analyses.
Tests carried out by the centre include audiometry for employees regularly exposed to loud noise, lung function tests for individuals subjected to environments with dust and fumes, and blindness testing for professions where good vision is required for the prevention of accidents.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Clinical history, tonal audiometry, tympanometry, and tinnitometry were done at the beginning and end of the study.
The project of Cleft Centre will be a role model in health system by providing standard facilities regarding cleft lip, palate or nose surgery, peads, dentistry, audiometry, speech therapy, psychological and diagnostic services.
Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus species, and Moraxella species), and hearing changes as measured by audiometry
Hearing assessment was done by general ear examination and Pure Tone Audiometry so as to determine hearing function, the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss if any.
Your doctor will be able to refer you for audiometry which tests your hearing.
Key words: audiometry, examination, hearing lost, ORL
The building has a specially designed hi-tech room to train staff to lift equipment and patients correctly, and a contemporary audiometry room specifically designed for hearing tests.
provide exercises and a concise review of important concepts relating to audiologic assessment and clinical audiometry techniques, including history taking and patient communication, ear canal assessment, immittance, pure-tone testing, masking, speech audiometry, and patient counseling.
A report to the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen NHS Trust board says: "The director of information noted that the longest waiting time for pure tone audiometry (hearing aids) was 58 weeks.
The Pure tone audiometry was used to determine hearing thresholds for pure tone stimuli for each ear.