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the measurement of hearing


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Written by an experienced authority on APD, with knowledge and experience in three related fields including audiology, speech-language pathology, and teaching for the deaf, this book is an essential clinical guide for graduate students in audiology as well as practicing audiologists.
Eric Sandler, director of audiology at The Hearing Center.
There are significant benefits from practicing evidence-based audiology; learning and practicing evidence-based audiology greatly improves the efficiency with which audiologists gather and process new and meaningful information, therefore improving the benefit to the patient.
NHS audiology and tinnitus provision must be protected, as short-term savings will only lead to higher NHS and social care costs in the long run.
She said: "The request was submitted following feedback from a number of residents who had attended the local audiology clinic and been told they needed a hearing test but that the wait was more than 70 weeks.
Linda was Connecticut Speech, Language and Hearing Association (CSHA) Vice President for Governmental Affairs for 6 years and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Audiology Advisory Council Member for the past 5 years.
Eric Maxwell of Intermountain Hearing Clinics has established a solid reputation for providing quality audiology services.
WAITING list numbers at Waterford Regional Hospital's audiology department are "unacceptable", a Senator said yesterday.
In this article, we assess the effect of the SAI-WHAT study screening strategies on utilization and costs of audiology care.
To address the poor scores that ear eye and nose doctors across the country were getting on the audiology section of their otolaryngology board examinations, Washington University in Missouri set up a program for student otolaryngolists to shadow audiologists for a period.
Hodgetts, assistant professor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, says his research has found that exercising in a gym often prompts people to turn up the volume to potentially unsafe levels for the ear.
Anyone concerned about their hearing should first consult their GP, who would normally refer on to the audiology department of the local hospital.
AUDIOLOGY services in Wirral are to be provided by the private sector in a bid to cope with a shortage of consultants and two-year patient waiting lists on the NHS.
There is pounds 404,000 being spent on audiology, pounds 153,000 towards cardiology to help heart patients, pounds 515,000 on renal services and more than pounds 400,000 on sexual health for genito-urinary medicine clinics.
I was concerned to read reports from the Royal National Institute for the Deaf that the Government's decision to exclude audiology from the 18-week waiting target for treatment will mean that patients may have to wait longer for hearing aids.