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the measurement of hearing


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We sat down and planned the physical setup of a professional audiological clinic with state-of-the-art equipment to help the people here,' said Abano.
describe the audiological ABR findings to determine hearing function in this group
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Audiological Device market to grow at a CAGR of 6.
All the patients were subjected to examination of the ear under microscope, surgical profile and radiological and audiological investigations before surgery.
However even if a baby passes the initial screening, audiological monitoring should be done every six months for three years because certain conditions may not produce immediate hearing loss.
I've not acquired some bizarre audiological alopecia, rather that I was tasked with the Herculean concept of submitting my top five albums for this year's Welsh Music Prize.
10 November 2011 - GN Store Nord A/S (CPH:GN), whose GN ReSound unit provides audiological diagnostics equipment and hearing instruments, said on Thursday it will launch a buyback programme for up to 15% of its shares.
After completing specialty training in ENT in Greece, Ms Bamiou trained in Audiological Medicine in the UK.
The audiological scientist worked at the hospital from 1998 until November 2006, when he resigned two days before a disciplinary was due to take place.
The audiological scientist worked at Birmingham Children's Hospital from 1998 until November 2006, when he resigned two days before a disciplinary hearing was due to take place.
In a report, the director of improvement and business support Mark Commons said: "The current (Glan Clwyd) programme has the surgical, audiological and rehabilitative expertise to provide a paediatric implant service for North Wales.
The courses pursued by the scholars show a rich diversity in terms of subjects and specialization ranging from immunogenetics, financial engineering, sustainable development, architecture, microbial biology, public health, organic chemistry, audiological science, civil laws, economics, regenerative medicine and stem cells to engineering and management.
The greatest volume change occurs between zero and 10 metres of the dive; (2) at this depth every diver is exposed to possible damage of the audiological system.
1,200 children are on the audiological services list.
Dr Ian Mackenzie, consultant audiological physician, said: "We hope this research project will help move us a step closer to explaining why people with tinnitus find their emotions affected.