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a graphical representation of a person's auditory sensitivity to sound

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It should be noted that in comparison with the unilateral counterpart, the BSSHL patients had significantly more descending-type audiograms ( ?
On the pre-treatment audiograms of the ANT group, the symmetric threshold:non-symmetric threshold ratio was 10:10.
To accomplish the objectives of the study a total of 1987 audiograms were reviewed for demographic details like age, gender and evaluation details like type and degree of hearing loss.
71%) workers had sensorineural hearing loss, had a prominent notch at 4000 kHz on audiogram, confirming it to be noise induced.
Clinical audiograms completed at the Audiology Clinic at LRMC were obtained from AHLTA, and hearing readiness audiograms (ie, DD 2215 and DD 2216) were obtained from the DoEhRS-DR.
The NIOSH Occupational Hearing Loss Surveillance Project collects de-identified audiograms * for U.
However, in those who have ongoing attacks of vertigo, permanent loss of function may initially only be detected by audiogram or caloric testing.
To assess whether participant' audiograms were worse than might be expected for people their age, each participant's 4FAHL was compared to the corresponding 4FAHL set out in in the international standard (ISO 7029, 2000) for 'otologicially normal' non-noise exposed people aged 20-70.
Also included are two objective test methods for identifying outer hair cell changes and predicting audiogram changes using distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs).
Pure tone audiograms show a bilateral loss of >30 decibels, affecting the higher and lower ranges.
Pure tone audiometry was carried out and pathological audiograms with sensorineural hearing loss were segregated.
We've known for a long time that there are people who report tinnitus whose audiograms are normal," says auditory neuroscientist Larry Roberts of McMaster University in Canada.
which was decided prior to the 1984 amendment, an ALJ identified audiograms finding no ratable hearing loss as more credible than a number of tests that concluded that there was some hearing loss.
Contributed by audiologists and otolaryngologists mainly from the US, cases include basic and complex diagnosis; management of technologies like hearing aids, cochlear implants, Baha, and FM systems; vestibular issues; and management of auditory development; with audiograms.
Additionally, the majority of patients had audiograms within 1 year after discharge.