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a graphical representation of a person's auditory sensitivity to sound

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All DoD personnel exposed to noise levels greater than the OEL are identified on the command's roster for inclusion in the Hearing Conservation Program (HCP); therefore, requiring personnel to be placed in a hearing testing surveillance program and have an audiogram conducted at least annually.
The inclusion criteria were age 15-80 years and having had a formal audiogram performed by a trained audiologist at Groote Schuur Hospital in the previous 2 weeks.
As outer hair cells become permanently damaged or nonfunctional, otoacoustic emissions provide greater accuracy and efficiency in predicting cochlear status than the audiogram.
A "screen failure" follow-up audiogram indicated the hearing shift was confined to the ultra-high frequencies in one ear.
The best measure of your hearing is an audiogram, which measures the ability to detect sounds at various frequencies.
The acoustic threshold measured 1 hour after acoustic trauma was elevated in the control group to 70-90 dB in the higher frequencies of the compound action potential audiogram, with a maximum threshold elevation ranging between 12 and 16 kHz.
Some of the hearing tests may include a tuning fork, pure tone audiogram, and bone conduction hearing or a speech audiogram.
You give a signal at the moment when you detect each sound, the results are recorded on a graph called an audiogram.
An audiogram - con - firmed hearing decrement occurred in 142 of the participants receiving azi - thromycin (25%), compared with 110 of those receiving placebo (20%) (P -.
Methods concerning the ear-nose-throat evaluation The diagnosis of otitis media was established, by the same operator (SN), with otoscopy, tympanometry and audiogram.
Intended as a supplemental text for residency training programs, this collection describes the technical aspects of hearing aid fitting and addresses areas that can be particularly challenging to new physicians, such as fitting the pediatric patient with hearing loss or the patient with hydropic hearing loss with a changing baseline audiogram.
Known as an audiogram, this grid of responses covers a wide range of frequencies from 250 Hz to 4000 Hz (low to high), and intensity of sounds from 0 dB to 120 dB (soft to loud).
A patient with a 'normal' examination is not commonly sent for an audiogram and only if tuning fork testing with the Rinne and Weber tests is used, will a diagnosis of hearing loss be made.
An audiogram showed bilateral symmetrical mixed hearing loss.
This has received very little attention in the area of cleft care although research shows that hearing impairment affects language development The present study was carried not to find out the type and pattern of audiogram in cases attending a speech camp, average degree of hearing loss and its relation to the side of cleft, and the acoustic immittance findings and its relation to the otological evaluation.