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a cassette for audiotape

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While studying Arabic in Syria and Yemen during the early 1990s, Miller became fascinated by the use of audiocassettes in the Arab world and has since published a book and a number of articles on the subject.
There were 200 million audiocassettes sold last year, and even though their share of the market is decreasing, they are still an important source of revenue.
TDK said it stopped production of audiocassette tapes and floppy disks at a plant in California on March 31.
While there may be fewer consumers making audiocassette copies of CDs, those involved in the segment note that the business is in a state of transition as such new formats as the MP3 digital audio recorder and recordable CD begin to emerge in the mass market.
Inside the van he abandoned before hijacking the car, police found ammunition, explosive devices and audiocassettes of hard rock music, including one that Furrow apparently made himself with songs about violence, suicide and one with the lyrics of ``kill, kill, kill.
Searchers will find descriptive records for over 58,000 videos (from Bowker's Directory of Videocassettes for Children) and 8,700 audiobooks (from Bowker's Directory of Audiocassettes for Children) spanning the full spectrum of educational, special interest, and entertainment topics for a K-12 audience.
Another resident camp distributes audiocassettes containing information about the activities and events that could not be shown during the tour, plus interviews with campers and parents.
Her American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards is a program that uses videos, audiocassettes, teachers' notes, and sheet music to set a standard that awards students who master each level, from I through 12.
The disintegrator can also destroy CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, credit cards, ID badges, microfilm, and audiocassettes.
Consumers were slow to abandon their investment in traditional audiocassettes, however, particularly since the players and recorders needed for the new alternatives were more expensive.
Yet, while they acknowledge that the category is clearly shrinking, they are quick to note that there remains a large universe of consumers who have audiocassettes at home or in their cars, and that those consumers typically purchase more costly high-bias cassettes and are not prone to shop around for discounts.
of which Loren is the president) sell his books, audiocassettes, T-shirts and tackle and are working on movie deals.
Seized from the residence were 8,026 CDs and 750 audiocassettes - all of the Latin music genre.
With about 200 million blank audiocassettes selling last year the market can support the kind of declines we've been seeing for several years to come.