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Commenting on widespread adoption of new technology, Ryan Burr, Head of Technical Sales & Application Engineering, Professional Audio at Sennheiser Middle East said: "Today, we have all the tools required for breath-taking immersive audio recordings and mixing, and with the advance of Virtual Reality (VR), 3D audio has become, for the first time, a must-have for an application.
In addition, while the agency is not proposing that railroads install audio recording devices, it's asking for comment on whether it should require them in a final rule.
One of the ladies, Ms Elizabeth Sineno, who was detained in Al-Jouf Sakaka in Saudi Arabia sent audio recordings appealing for assistance to return home.
A few months ago, Mr Ofosu-Ampofo was invited by the CID over a leaked audio recording.
The Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday used the appeal of pro se petitioners who had raised numerous concerns regarding summary process proceedings in the Worcester Housing Court to clarify the appropriate process for waiving court fees and costs -- particularly the cost of audio recordings of prior court proceedings -- based on indigency and the obligation of state courts to provide reasonable accommodations for parties with disabilities.
In the main, the court reporters complained of the difficulties they've had with digital audio recording. Andthe Wisconsin Court Reporters Association and its national counterpart, the National Court Reporters Association, weighed in with concerns and suggested changes.
If this does not happen and the pressure continues, we have a lot of audio recordings that will serve as evidence," he says.
It's organised very simply with a list of notebooks, to which you can add notes which can feature audio recordings, text, images, and drawings (Apple Pencil is supported).
Mr Bukhari said he had also provided the audio recording of the 'CTD officer' to the Joint Investigation Team headed by additional IG Police Ijaz Hussain Shah.
The 4-minute audio recording in that unit includes not only the sounds of a quarrel but also fighting.
LONDON: Turkey and the United States denied on Friday that Ankara had shared with Washington an audio recording related to the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.
17 (Petra) -- Omarosa Manigault Newman has released a new audio recording in which she and Lara Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump's son Eric, are discussing a job offer with Trump's re-election campaign that the former White House aide alleged was a hush agreement.
The speculation was reinforced by a leaked audio recording purportedly of Anwar lambasting the PKR deputy president as a Mahathir 'lackey'.
In the rare heartfelt message, Hopekid said DJ Mo is the guy who actually paid for his first audio recording. What a humble soul.
In the audio recording, it was stated that the murderer is a series killer and psychopath who is addicted of such heinous crimes, expressing fear of more such attacks.