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the audible part of a transmitted signal

an audible acoustic wave frequency

the sound elements of television

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Get a detailed picture of the Publishing of Recorded Audio Media market;
Then, print media, visual media, audio media, instrumental media, cross-institutional media, and institutional media are placed at the following ranks respectively.
Many of the written assignments my students complete require them to engage with both older and newer forms of print and audio media.
Oakstone Medical Publishing president Nancy McMeekin said the audio companion is available in three leading audio media formats:
The appendix summarizes occupations in audio media.
Synergy FM is being run by those studying on the college's BTEC Audio Media course.
She says, "I haven't seen any research that has accurately measured the effectiveness of the newer downloadable audio media for farmers and ranchers.
Digital formats have restored growth to the long-declining blank audio media segment and promise sustained growth for camcorder videotape sales, according to executives at Maxell Corp.
In addition to being able to read from and write to DVD-RAM media, the libraries can read DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, and CD audio media.
They discuss the physical layout and arrangement of the library; the difference between fiction and nonfiction; the variety of formats such as books, periodicals, films and videos, audio media and CD-ROM disks; the reference section; simple research skills; the Dewey decimal system; and the use of the online catalog.
The participants stressed the importance of raising public awareness through visual, audio media and social networks of woman needs and the mental disorders she may suffer from.
New features include enhanced playlist performance, faster-than-ever operational response, enhanced audio quality, audio media trimming, XKeys control compatibility, NDI protocol compatibility and support for 4K UHD at 50p, 59.
Production of text, image, mobile media, audio media, or layout, processing of materials, or editing and rewrites of existing material can be included in the missions.
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The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) allocated incentive rewards worth of BD 10,000 for winning materials, in four categories as follows: Written Media BD 2000, Visual media BD 3000, Audio Media BD 2000 and social media BD 2000.