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the audible part of a transmitted signal

an audible acoustic wave frequency

the sound elements of television

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Onkyo chose Macrovision's technologies to develop its AVR so that consumers have the ability to acquire, manage and play back personal and premium digital audio media content from a variety of devices and locations in the house--all from the comfort of their home theater using a remote control.
7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --WestwoodOne, the largest independent national audio media company in the U.
MX31 multimedia applications processor is ideal for computationally-intensive applications such as automotive entertainment systems, video and audio media players, mobile gaming consoles and GPS systems, as well as smartphones, PDAs, ultra portable handheld computers and other wireless mobile devices.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dial Global, the largest independent national audio media company in the U.
This provides more accurate video and audio media quality measurements using one-way delay, jitter and MOS scores enabling both large enterprises and service providers to better manage their SLAs and improve Quality of Experience for their customers.
About Dial Global Dial Global is the largest independent national audio media company in the U.
For visual and audio media, it enables staff to verify that the case and item within match, without opening the case, and can confirm the presence of a sensitized Tattle-Tape Security Strip by means of a verifier light.
These obstacles present a unique market opportunity for VisualOn to demonstrate its expertise - enabling video and audio media across any device.
MX31 processor-based applications that include video and audio media players, mobile gaming consoles, GPS systems, smart phones, PDAs, ultra portable handheld computers and other wireless mobile devices.
Media Converter Mac, specially designed for Mac OS, performs as a powerful Mac YouTube Media Converter, Mac Audio Media Converter, Mac Video Converter and Mac DVD Ripper.
By providing encryption of the video and audio media using AES with a 128bit key Codian meets the need for secure and safe communication and providing interoperability with major endpoint vendors such as Tandberg(R) and Polycom(R).
In order to serve our clients' needs at the highest level, we must anticipate their needs for uses of new media formats," said Randy Hudson, member of the DVD Association, and president and CEO of Broadness, a media service company providing A/V media services, digital cinema media services, and online video and audio media delivery solutions.
25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wegener Corporation , a leading provider of equipment for television, audio and data distribution networks worldwide, today announced that Educational Media Foundation (EMF) has ordered more than 100 iPump 6420 audio media servers for ongoing expansion and replacement of its file-based and live radio broadcasting networks.
The StoryQuest project is helping Keane share knowledge and experience internally using a variety of audio media, including iPods and podcasting.
Using the WEGENER iPump 6420 audio media server, a single 1RU appliance installed at affiliate stations, in combination with the Compel(R) network control system at the network operation center, personnel no longer have to handle custom CDs, schedulers, content servers, and affiliate automation equipment.