audio frequency

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an audible acoustic wave frequency

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CSR's aptX technology uses advanced ADPCM principles to squeeze the entire 10Hz - 22kHz high-fidelity audio frequency range neatly within the constrained bandwidth of Bluetooth transmission standards.
The Si53x/Si55x/Si59x/Si57x family includes single, dual, quad and any-frequency I2C programmable XO/VCXOs capable of supporting any video or audio frequency using a single XO/VCXO.
The wider, high definition audio frequency range allows for better information comprehension, provides improved intelligibility, reduced audio fatigue, and increased productivity as a result.
The iP1 is the first product introduced in the company's new Studio Series which features Bongiovi Acoustics' Digital Power Station (DPS) technology: a processor that actively scans the recorded material and compensates for any deficiencies across the audio frequency spectrum, effectively restoring it to the sound the artist originally intended to be heard.
Benefiting from advanced analog semiconductor technology proprietary to ams, the AS3415 Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) speaker driver provides impressive noise reduction of up to 30 dB over a wide audio frequency bandwidth of 3.
Included in the deal are GE's interlocking control equipment, audio frequency track circuit, and cab control products.
Currently, digital TV mainly has about seven chips, such as the Signal demodulator chip, video-control chip, MPEG-2 decode chip, video processing chip, HDMI interface chip, audio frequency treatment chip and audio frequency amplification chip.
The HE90 headphone design itself included a microscopically thin, platinum-coated diaphragm and electrodes made of special glass - which proved helpful in establishing a superior time response and reducing acoustical losses in the audio frequency range.