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Synonyms for audile

one whose mental imagery is auditory rather than visual or motor

of or relating to the process of hearing

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I had never heard of Sycamore before, but was intrigued by the Audile.
Although these results were drawn from acute exposure of mountaineers and not from humans living as long-term inhabitants of higher elevations,yet they are helpful in understanding the audile variation of M.
When you are attentively listening to music, you have bare audile perception of its sound.
The number of tree cores used in age structure analysis was 52 in Audile, 54 in Barkava, 37 in Pededze, 37 in Salenieki, 60 in Kinguru, 48 in Rauda, and only 13 in Mezotne.
At the shot, there is a short-lived bump in the handle and little audile noise.
Large format UK projection specialists ETC and Audile Lighting's son et lumiere ("sound and light show" in French) will transform the air-vent building structure into a spectacular array of colour, light and sound.
No distance could be reliably assessed in the desert's audile democracy.
But the audience's coming to occupy the positions the speaker is advancing within this communally constituted space transcends the audile and visual patterns that convey the meanings intended.
in their audile imagination) as they play, and use it, not only as an improvisational focal point, but to keep track of where they are in the song temporally, harmonically and melodically.
The art is created, or at least is finished, in the eyes of the beholder or in the ears of the hearer, in the concretely grasped, ready made-aided epistemological insight and audile awareness of the perceiver".