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in an audible manner


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Her visitor, settled on a small sofa that, with a palm-tree, a screen, a stool, a stand, a bowl of flowers and three photographs in silver frames, had been arranged near the light wood-fire as a choice "corner"--Maud Blessingbourne, her guest, turned audibly, though at intervals neither brief nor regular, the leaves of a book covered in lemon-coloured paper and not yet despoiled of a certain fresh crispness.
He dug his fingers into the sand, threw it over himself in handfuls and audibly blessed it.
A wild whoop proclaimed the fact, and upright we tore at top speed through the last ten yards of grass, while the black rushed down one of the side paths, gaining audibly on us over the better ground.
He sat down abruptly, almost cataleptically, drew his head away from the clutch of her hands and out of the entanglement of her hair, and, his nose thrust upward at an angle of forty-five degrees, he began to quiver and to breathe audibly in rhythm to the rhythm of her singing.
The person holding the smartphone audibly greets Mercado with 'Hi po' (Hi.
Audibly, it's better than Google Home, the Amazon Echo and the Sonos One.
The bear, which had escaped from a local animal shop, caused chaots among the nearby pedestrians who were audibly shocked to see the animal roaming the streets.
Blues trailed 1-0 at the break on Monday night and departed at the interval with some Bluenoses audibly showing their disappointment.
AirSafe NXT also monitors the bonded carbon filtration bed, alerting the user audibly and visually should filter saturation occur.
Key signatures and working out scales are made easy to demonstrate and explain with built-in technology from Intel allowing teachers to demonstrate audibly, key changes and differences between major and minor keys.
Choose from a variety of natural settings, which the app presents both visually and audibly, from sitting still by a mountain lake to soaring over clouds.
However, a section of Tottenham fans audibly disagreed with that last weekend, chanting "where's our manager?
It wasn't until after we got past Grove Park that I could actually hear English being audibly spoken in the carriage.
An AFP reporter in Delhi said the tremor shook buildings audibly, and that there were at least two minor aftershocks.
45pm NOT since my wife, on being offered a currywurst in a crowded square off Berlin's Kurfurstendamm and saying, somewhat too audibly, 'I'm not eating that rubbish', have Anglo-German relations seemed under so much strain, writes Steve Davies.