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As the high frequency sounds travel through the air, lower frequency audible sound waves are generated such that a person located in the path of the beam can hear, while a person nearby but not in the path will not.
Aside from the flow of cold wind past my ears, the only audible sound was a random chorus of barks up ahead.
As we hear audible sound, the activity in the auditory system increases and becomes more regular and synchronized.
It uses an RJ45 type latching that, when properly mated, produces an audible sound.
Conventional speakers convert an electrical signal containing audio information to audible sound by vibrating the speaker's diaphragm.
If you accidentally drop your coin and it makes an audible sound upon impact, then you have just "accidentally" initiated a coin check.
The material can be detected by a hand-held scanner that will emit an audible sound if the ink is present.
It's only a barely audible sound of the larynx clicking into gear.
Unlike traditional speakers that transmit non-directed audible sound at wavelengths of several feet, the Audio Spotlight transmits millimeter-sized, ultrasonic waves, which form a very narrow beam of sound that becomes audible as it travels through the air.
The variability of loading error is said to be eliminated by using an audible sound to indicate that the exact amount of pressure is being applied by the operator to the test sample, which is said to result in improved accuracy and repeatability.
Immediately on opening the car door, it gives off a high pitched audible sound.
More often than not, hearing impairment will entail greater difficulty in detecting certain frequencies than others within the spectrum of audible sound.
Operating below the range of audible sound for the human ear at just 22db, the drive provides optimized acoustics for home entertainment components.
8 kv delta primary, 5040-volt delta secondary, with de-energized tap changer and with on load tap changer on primary, 55c rise, 58/65-db(a) audible sound level, furnished with oil, cover-mounted bushings installed, in accordance with division f2, and drawing number d16-sketch1, 3 each.