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quality or fact or degree of being audible or perceptible by the ear

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Due to low audibility, sometimes traffic police can't hear the siren and don't clear the traffic to let the ambulance pass.
The closest we can get to measuring audibility is whether someone mutes or un-mutes the ad but we can't measure whether the sound on the actual device is on in the first place.
I have noticed this at other functions - perhaps the importance of audibility could be more emphasised in public events generally?
With the form factor of a stand-alone Blu-ray player, and the unparalleled quality and design consumers have grown to expect from STEIGER DYNAMICS, the ERA seamlessly integrates with other home theater components, augmenting any existing setup, while simultaneously providing users with undoubtedly the highest capable processing performance by volume, all with minimum audibility.
He kindly wrote to me saying, "I find myself in agreement with your observations and conclusions, most particularly and importantly with what you have to say about strength and audibility of his high notes.
All of its projectors include environment-friendly features such as Acer EcoProjection technology, which reduces standby power consumption by 90 per cent, Acer ExtremeEco, which enables up to 70 per cent power consumption saving during periods with no input signal, Acer ExtremeEco mode, which extends the lamp life to up to 8000 hours, saving lamp-replacement cost, and a low noise level of only 31 dBA, which provides clear audibility and no ambient disturbances, according to the statement.
The zero audibility rule does need to addressed, though.
The other world has always been available by way of its audibility.
Janet Floyd addresses three fictional representations of the female singer, a figure that attracted attention during the late nineteenth century because of the striking visibility of the singer's body and the audibility of her voice.
A wide range of factors can influence audibility and we are looking into why this should be and whether there are any steps we can take to improve the experience for the audience for episode two.
Antoine swallowed up most of the detail, nuance and audibility of these lighter-weight instruments.
All 5 RCTs were related to alarm sounds and audibility, based on small sample sizes, and conducted in laboratories.
The speakers are designed with clear sound and rich bass effects which produces high quality audibility output to the listeners.
And Jonas Kaufmann approached the ideal, both physically and vocally: only a few notes whose softness defied audibility seemed ill conceived.