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quality or fact or degree of being audible or perceptible by the ear

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This analysis required entering evidence into the model and changing the states of the following nodes: Clarity, Audibility, Public Address System, Web, Location, Frequency, Maps, Signage, Visual Pollution, Nomenclature, Light, Colour, Terminal Visual Elements, Distance to Travel, Transit or Transfer Required, Purpose, Between Activity Centres, Between Signs, Sightlines, Navigation Pathway, Terminal Change, Level Changes, Physical Changes, Nodes, Paths, Edges, Landmarks, and Districts.
Conflicts exist between the recommendation for alarm levels to ensure audibility by healthcare providers and that of environmental noise levels during daytime and nighttime hours.
These include exhibiting confidence, using humor, ensuring audibility, gearing program content and delivery style to the specific audience, and paying careful attention to appropriate logistics.
It was also found that the perception of unpleasantness was independent of the audibility of the sound.
Despite Humboldt's belief in the progressive decline or disenchantment of auroral sounds, by the time of the First International Polar Year (1882-83), when the international circumpolar research agenda reached fruition, the data gathered merely added to the uncertainty surrounding the issue of auroral audibility.
Decibels Examples 140 jet engine (25m away) 130 jet engine at take-off (300m away) 120 metal band with electronic amplification 110 accelerating motorcycle a few metres away 100 auto horn (3m away); crowd noise at football match 90 pneumatic jackhammer; heavy traffic 80 cafeteria with sound-reflecting surfaces 70 crackling food wrapper (less than 1 m away) 60 near motorway traffic; ordinary conversation (3ft away) 50 office activities 40 soft background music 30 a residence late at night 20 whisper; rustling of leaves 10-0 human breathing Interaction Decibels Subjective experience levels 140 painful and dangerous 130 deafening 120 110 100 very loud Public 90 80 70 loud Social 60 50 moderate 40 Personal 30 faint 20 very faint 10-0 limit of audibility Table 2.
He never lets us lose sight of concerns like audibility and lines of sight.
For outdoor audibility, they said that they would prefer an external speaker over the earphones, easy adjustment of the volume, and an easy repeat function.
But she limits the extent of dissemination of the shows' printed and spoken messages with many conditions: "coded language," restricted audibility, the primacy of the visual spectacle, and misinterpreted symbolism (271).
Acoustic and environmental impacts from Performance Based Procedures are evaluated by the software, which provides a display of noise impacts using various acoustic parameters including A-weighted noise levels and audibility detection.
Advocate on the record Raja Abdul Ghafoor said he could no more represent the federation, therefore, he be allowed to withdraw from the case being his audibility power weak.
In addition, the term voice keeps us mindful that we are, as Aristotle famously said, political animals: the primary social concern is the audibility of our voices.
The results tally closely with those obtained when human volunteers were asked to assess audibility in test environments.
Although hearing aids usually allow for better audibility of speech sounds, individuals with hearing impairment continue to have particular difficulty in background noise [6-10].
Among his topics are analysis and paraphrase, historic-philosophic categories, the logic of aesthetic judgment, differentiation and integration, and audibility.