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quality or fact or degree of being audible or perceptible by the ear

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The RAIB recommended Edinburgh Trams Limited improves the audibility of its warning devices, which the firm said it has done.
She underlined the need to involve women in internal security, policy-making adding that there should be audibility and visibility of women as key stakeholders.
An extra-loud, 106dB speaker with Smart Amplifier Technology enables push-to- talk and speakerphone audibility even in noisy areas.
The piece returned to its beginning, but while its interstitial moments--an ad for Camaros, a call-in segment with a high school student-remained constant, the previous sequence's songs were replaced with new ones: Where the Everly Brothers had been singing "Cathy's Clown," Steely Dan were now reeling off "Peg"; the Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" substituted for the Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun." And, in a further spatiotemporal distortion, it slowly dawned that a second voice-over--perhaps the conversation of the musicians--had been going the entire time, emanating along the wall just at the threshold of audibility. As the DJ was reporting golfer Tom Watson's victory the previous day in the 1974 Western Open, I'm pretty sure I heard two men discussing something one had bought on eBay.
An extra-loud, 106dB speaker with Smart Amplifier Technology enables push-to-talk and speakerphone audibility even in noisy areas.
The existing ASTM standards (E1130 and E2638) provide test methods for assessing speech privacy for open plan and closed office configurations, neither of the metrics associated with these methods have been strongly correlated with occupant satisfaction, but instead focus on the audibility of words or sentences within the office environment.
"Ambulances in the state have siren audibility of about 65-75db," said Aaditya Thackeray, Shiv Sena youth leader and son of party president Uddhav Thackeray.
Last year, she starred in The Missing and Line of Duty for the BBC, and viewers had no problem with her audibility. She says it is up to actors to ensure even quiet dialogue remains distinct.
The poem is not set in its original form, it is stripped down into phrases and words, with the voices sliding from conventional harmonies into spots with thicker texture, and passages testing the very limits of audibility are followed by vehement surges.
There are eight sirens in the area with an audibility level similar to that used by emergency vehicles.
In a study dedicated to the evaluation of hearing protectors in the context of audibility of signals in mining [7], it was determined, among other things, that the limitation of useful sounds along with the noise itself should be considered to be a disadvantage of passive hearing protectors.
Quixotic, rhapsodic and intensely expressive it was stunningly executed, with Johnson's pianissimos often poised on the edge of audibility and Lenehan's rendering of the powerful piano part (notably in the Vivace) quite spectacular.
In this sense, "'making sounds,' or 'queer audibility,' is an alternative way of thinking about queer politics from the dominant paradigm of 'queer visibility'" (p.
In his unfavorable review of a public reading of several works by Mark Andre at the Manchester International Festival in 2011, Andrew Clements quipped, "No doubt Andre would use the sound of paint drying if it made one." (Guardian, 12 July 2011) I contend that the sound of drying paint, given the power that contemporary technology provides to transform sounds on the border of audibility into new sonic experiences, could well be a fascinating thing.