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a platform from which an auctioneer sells


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Our partnership with US Web has allowed us to effectively market the Auction Block and provide an additional service to our resellers," said Victoria Cotten, senior vice president of purchasing at Ingram Micro.
It's packed with information for first-timers, from the benefits and pitfalls of buying online to details on how to put your own treasure on the auction block.
Yes, Trekkies of the universe, the whole command post, including the platform from the bridge of the USS Enterprise, will be taken from the Desilu ``Star Trek'' set and put on the auction block at 1 p.
Ranevskaya (Jill Gascoine) has returned after several years abroad, her finances squandered and her estate and famed cherry orchards about to hit the auction block.
Stoll's Academy Award for best score now goes on the auction block during Butterfields Auctioneers' Sept.
DALLAS -- Twenty of Dallas' Hottest CEO Bachelors are on the auction block March 31st, 2006.
2 -- color) On the auction block is this purple peignoir worn by Lynn Herring, who plays Lucy Coe on ABC's ``Port Charles.
Models ranging from 1950s NCRS Top Flight-winning convertibles to contemporary Corvette pace cars will cross the auction block during the three-day auction Thursday, March 30 through Saturday, April 1.
The Federal Communications Commission, arguing that the valuable government frequencies should be exempted from bankruptcy law, took back NextWave's licenses and put them back on the auction block.
In addition to the Old and Modern Masters, custom framed works by several of the world's most famous living artists will cross the auction block.
The Barrett-Jackson Auction has a deep tradition of providing celebrities with a forum to promote their favorite causes, and it's an honor to welcome a car from this living legend onto our auction block.