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cooked while covered with browned breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese)

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The new Signature Lobster Au Gratin, as well as the introduction of the Signature Singles line, allows Sea Best to offer a greater variety of quick seafood options to customers looking for high-quality and convenient food items," says Mark Frisch, executive vice president.
The Moomin characters, despite having no mouths, are depicted as eating very well on Finnish food such as Moominpappa's spiced mulled wine, the Snufkin's picnic pot, the Lighthouse Keeper's fish pie and potato au gratin for hungry Moomins.
Tested items included tortillas, almonds and dried apricots, commercially-packed salmon, freeze-dried broccoli au gratin, multivitamins, and vitamin D supplements.
Both main dishes came with spears of al dente asparagus, and the chicken was kept company, too, by an excellent dab of au gratin potato.
The focus on quick, healthy meals made in advance addresses all concerns of the modern food fan and offers plenty of innovations, from Chicken and Artichokes to Marinated Pork Tenderloin and Crabmeat Au Gratin.
The steak arrives in a red wine reduction with crunchy baby vegetables and au gratin potatoes.
The Honey Roasted Chicken with Au Gratin Potatoes, for example, serves up 410 calories, 8 grams of bad fat, and 1,140 mg of sodium on an aluminum platter.
The buffet food, including pigeon petA, rabbit au gratin and venison cocktail sausages, was outstanding.
Now, it's the must-have in everything from salads to pasta dishes ( quickly wilted in the pan or creamed au gratin as a winter warmer.
Amber had prepared his all-time favorite foods for the occasion: fresh green-bean casserole, au gratin potatoes, and a steak she marinated overnight.
All-Clad, Viking and Fagor each showed off their take on the Lilliputian trend during the International Housewares Show in January, and World Kitchen is due to release a line of small au gratin pans, under the Corningware brand, this summer.
When the course tutor showed them how to make cauliflower au gratin in a proper gratin dish Mo was determined to have one just like it.
It was Gratin de Poisson a la Florentine et puree (Fish au gratin in the Florentine style with puree).
The chefs at these establishments make judicious use of native fish and produce, turning out tender callalloo crepes, tasty christophine (a Caribbean squash au gratin, intricate conch and dolphin (the fish, not Flipper) dishes and tangy ginger and mano-based desserts.
The companies also make side dishes, such as potatoes au gratin and applesauce,