au fait

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Synonyms for au fait

fully informed about


  • fully informed about
  • in touch with
  • familiar with
  • abreast of
  • knowledgeable about
  • well-acquainted with
  • well up on
  • up to speed with
  • in the know about
  • on the ball about
  • conversant about
  • au courant with
  • clued-up about
  • switched-on about

Synonyms for au fait

being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge

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Et ses mots se dressent drus, droits au fait et tendus vers l'essentiel : [beaucoup moins que]Sa chevelure /Melee a la nuit/Mime les vagues Goulues [beaucoup plus grand que].
We're really close and Echo and Au Fait, based within Enterprise House at The HUB, have been working closely together over recent years and, gradually, their projects increasingly involved the same clients.
C'est sans doute l'un des chapitres les plus interessants, car il montre a quel point Ryan etait au fait tant des questions theologiques que des debats qu'elles provoquaient ici comme ailleurs, et de son souci constant d'en expliquer les enjeux a ses lecteurs.
Les responsables ont indique que la baisse du pompage du gaz dans certaines regions revient au fait que les centrales electriques des alentours ont augmente leurs demandes en gaz pour pouvoir repondre a l'accroissement de la consommation en ce temps de l'annee.
Most of the commercials will be for French brands - such as L'Oreal, Renault and Boursin cheese - and will feature subtitles for viewers who are not au fait with the language.
L'actuel executif aurait pu suivre la meme demarche, mais notre souci de consacrer la transparence dans la gestion des finances publiques, nous a incites a passer par l'adoption d'un decret afin que l'institution legislative, le citoyen et l'entreprise soient au fait de cette mesure et des circonstances l'ayant dictee, le gouvernement etant convaincu que la bonne gouvernance et la democratie sont d'abord fondees sur la transparence, la confiance et la credibilite", a-t-il dit.
Probably like most local fans I am more au fait with his days with Bradford Dukes which included him taking the British title in 1991 and 1992 - with the latter being the year he topped the lot by becoming the World Champion.
And despite now being a multi-millionaire more au fait with palatial property portfolios than trailer park trappings, he's as much a songwriting firebrand on this new album, Wrecking Ball, than ever - confronting the global recession head-on and angrily tearing strips from the fat cat financiers.
A new study has found that many work operations could benefit from the cloud and demand for those who are au fait with it will create a further seven million jobs by 2015, with Qatar potentially at the front of the queue.
Not only will they have to prove they can pull off a Santa costume with confidence and deliver a sufficiently hearty 'ho hDo ho', they'll also have to become au fait with this year's most-wanted toys.
Until such time that each of the candidates has ensured that I am au fait with his or her individual policy I am still determined to mark my ballot paper "None of the listed".
Wearing a scarf is the perfect way to inject a bit of au fait glamour into your outfit while also protecting you from the elements.
I think they see a woman coming and - I don't know - I don't think we're as au fait with it - Angela Graham, 40, a retired company secretary from Ormesby I do tend to go in with my husband.
This third volume in Mark Bebbington's deft, elegant and probing exploration of Bridge's music for piano is so revealing, redolent of how much Bridge was au fait with what was going on in Europe (no wonder the closeted English establishment were so suspicious of him).
New Wales boss Speed has brought in the trained opera singer to make the squad fully au fait with the words of the national anthem.