au courant

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Synonyms for au courant

up-to-date with


  • up-to-date with
  • acquainted with
  • abreast of
  • knowledgeable about
  • well-informed about
  • conversant with
  • well up on
  • up to speed with
  • in the know about
  • enlightened of
  • au fait with
  • in the swim about

Synonyms for au courant

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for au courant

being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge

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With warm favourite Hot `N' Holy unable to handle the track, Au Courant and Fitzgerald overpowered Barton Legend at the final flight before going on to score by a length and a quarter.
Au Courant was well supported to win a Worcester bumper on his debut run in November for the Seven Barrows team.
Au Courant, a Belgian Pale Ale brewed with candy sugar and black currants, will be released in fourpacks.
The Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy also plans to be au courant in terms of the high-tech world in which we find ourselves.
Most, if not all, of the churches she approached refused to play her game--possibly, a cynic might conclude, because the lady was not au courant.
But these assessments are problematical, for they are at odds with au courant deconstructionist feminist criticism, which manifestly claims the death of authors' and critics' expropriational rights to texts and their meanings.
The books I read for mental stimulation are usually not au courant because I like to wait until the initial hoopla has subsided before I make my choices.
Moreover, due to the recent rightward swing of much of the opinion press--most notably at the always au courant offices of its primary competitor, The New Republic--The Nation has earned the reputation in Washington as something of a museum piece, written by bearded Jewish radicals for sixties holdovers and public librarians.
In the beginning, maintaining an au courant fashion focus for an unconventional accessory such as a digital camera required a delicate balance of form and function.
Les logements ont ete totalement pre-commercialises, et dont la moitie a deja ete livre, alors que l'autre moitie est prevue au courant des douze prochains mois.
Rabea Moussaoui a indique que ce projet, realise en lieu et place de l'ancien siege des Galeries algeriennes, situe a la rue Larbi-Ben M'hidi, au centre-ville d'Oran, sera livre au courant de l'annee 2016.
A la suite de la reunion, le Wali du Centre-Darfour a indique qu'il a mis le premier vice-president au courant de la stabilite dans la situation securitaire dans l'Etat en particulier dans la localite d'Om Dokhon qui a connaEt recemment des problemes de securite.
Les supporters parisiens etaient au courant depuis quelques mois de la nature du nouveau logo du PSG.
Consequently, I think it is worth chancing Au Courant, who has his conditions for the first time in ages and has dropped to a good mark as a result.
Tony McCoy and Nicky Henderson can do little wrong at the moment and the pair combined to good effect again when Au Courant (4-1) returned from over 1,000 days on the sidelines to take the 3M Health Care Beginners' Chase.