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in a manner that is not typical



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The current bibliographical review provides growing evidence in support of the application of the RFT-based account of perspective taking to typically and atypically developing children and adults.
Patients presenting with large median lobe, ureteral orifice that atypically opens closer to the bladder neck, large ureterocele, severe ureteral kink, nodule or hardness on rectal examination and history of pelvic radiotherapy or transurethral resection of the prostate were included in the study.
Researchers do not know why exposure to atypically high or low temperatures would affect birth weight.
Batsman But it was Stokes' previous graft and restraint which were the hallmarks of a hugely valuable innings, constructed atypically for a natural stroke-maker, and which provided vindication for Joe Root's decision to bat first as England try to seize the initiative in a series currently tied at 1-1.
politics as darkly sexy, Veep is true to life: Politicians are just like the rest of us, if the rest of us were atypically self-righteous, petty, and naive.
3 For example in certain age groups as in patient at the extremes of age due to diminished inflammatory response, can present atypically with subtle clinical signs, and may be misdiagnosed.
3037G>A mutation in FBN1 gene causing Marfan syndrome with an atypically severe phenotype
Follow-up Hubble and Spitzer observations revealed that the radio source, called B3 1715+425, sits in its own little galaxy, which has the mass of some 6 billion Suns--comparable to that of the Small Magellanic Cloud and atypically tiny to be hosting a supermassive black hole.
Jez Longhurst ATYPICALLY 30 days but you should check the returns policy of each retailer and also check what their rules are for returning goods.
OK, maybe my reaction was at a time when I was overwhelmed by not being able to see anything and so my hearing senses were atypically heightened - but it doesn't mean it's not true.
Dialogue is atypically formatted and, especially with characters from eastern Canada, sprinkled with French.
Summary: Atypically fierce fighting hit Syria's Aleppo Thursday as accusations arose of government forces unleashing a deadly chemical attack in the embattled city.
Second-quarter growth had been atypically high, likely reflecting the strong stock market of 2014 and taxpayer response to federal tax rate changes.
Those expecting insight into Robbins' life or career will be disappointed by this atypically non-investigative Joe Berlinger documentary.
No matter one's view of if or why climate change is occurring, it seems we are in a period of atypically intense storms, rising ocean levels and natural disasters that threaten buildings.