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any state that is not typical



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Recalled separation anxiety and gender atypicality in childhood: a study of Canadian heterosexual and homosexual men and women.
Unadjusted linear regression models of BASC-2 T-scores in association with ECAT as a continuous variable indicated positive association with all subscale T-scores except Aggression, though the association was statistically significant for Atypicality only (Table 2).
The effect of the conspicuous consumption model thus differs from the effect of atypicality by predicting that relatively larger houses will sell at premiums rather than at discounts.
More broadly, such analyses identify patterns, trends and atypicality, and to identify causal links.
Aside from anything else, the atypicality of civilian resistance is inferentially derivable from the fact that it was seen as criminal conduct under the early LOAC and is outlawed under the current version of the LOAC.
Each of these proposals requires atypical legislative procedures (although there is some precedent for some items) but such atypicality may be necessary, as the legislation of the criminal law is singular in its political dynamics.
broadcasting's constitutional atypicality, according to the
Nevertheless, the atypicality of Obama's experience that puts him outside dominant norms of black subjectivity stems directly from his upbringing in an interracial family.
Disability Film Festivals and the Politics of Atypicality.
That his presidency seems to indicate otherwise may indicate not flagging commitment by Roosevelt but the atypicality of Roosevelt's commitment among Americans.
This is where the "top-down" approaches come in: they provide theoretical mechanisms whereby such atypicality might be realized.
Vladeck also says "if the advertiser cannot substantiate [a] claim, a fine print or fleeting superscript disclosure of atypicality is unlikely to cure the deception.
This differs only narrowly from Starson, who concedes to mental atypicality that is "manageable.