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an acute and highly contagious viral disease marked by distinct red spots followed by a rash

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Atypical measles syndrome is a rare variant of measles as defined by an older age distribution, high and prolonged fever, polymorphic skin rash usually starting on the hands and feet, pulmonary infiltrates, and hepatobiliary impairment.
Clinical analysis of 51 cases of atypical measles syndrome characterized by fever and multiple lung lesions.
An atypical measles syndrome has been reported in patients who were immunised with inactivated measles vaccine and then infected with wild-type measles virus.
Atypical measles in adolescents: evaluation of clinical and pulmonary function.
So if your child's doctor says, "I think your daughter may have measles," his doubt may come from the rarity of classic measles and the more prevalent occurrence of atypical measles.
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