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Synonyms for atypical

Synonyms for atypical

Synonyms for atypical

not representative of a group, class, or type

deviating from normal expectations


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Understanding the normal response will help us better understand abnormal immune responses such as atypical disease and immune suppression due to measles virus.
the issue of atypical disease has "not been resolved" (Brinton and
Current imaging methods used for detection of acute appendicitis are not sensitive enough to detect mild, early or atypical disease.
But critics of the work say its research was flawed because it focused on a sample that is too small to be statistically significant and ignored the signs and symptoms of the atypical diseases that breast implant recipients frequently suffer from.
However, since 1997, studies of patients with symptoms of atypical diseases have not found a connection with silicone breast implants.
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