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Histopathological examination of the specimen obtained from the lesion showed a neoplastic infiltration consisting small, atypic cells with big, round, hyperchromatic nucleus, narrow cytoplasms, and prominent nucleoulus in some areas, showing high mitotic activity.
Using the integrative identification system, of 16 positive culture cases, 8 cases (50%) were recognized as unknown or atypic malassezia species, 5 cases (31.
Prospective evaluation of rickettsioses in the Trakya (European) region of Turkey and atypic presentations of Rickettsia conorii.
4,5) Recent advances in diagnostic methods and achievement to diagnostic tests with high sensitivity and specificity result in higher prevalence of the celiac disease than what was estimated before and can be presented with atypic or non-gastrointestinal symptoms.
00pm A break-in Comprehe little more two young governor away, blam her atypic when she part in the Desperate Housewives (10.