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Synonyms for attune

Synonyms for attune

to alter for proper functioning

Words related to attune

adjust or accustom to

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In creating a new culture together, one which engenders pervasive affective attunements or in Heidegger's sense, moods that make the school world a place that invites and excites, leaders wisely attune to their own and others' needs for respect care and support.
They need to enact leadership which fosters social reformation of emotional attunements so that being in the world of schools can be collaboratively reconstituted.
With mainstay segments flaunting a broad base, the global heat exchangers market is set to thrive on replacement demand emerging from frequent upgrades and technology attunements.
com)-- The Twelve Attunements tells the story of Sophie Archer, a young journalist who discovers that a secret group of global elite is trying to control the world.
The Twelve Attunements is an entertaining novel that weaves together ideas about spiritual transformation, cosmology and the possibilities of human consciousness in a compelling space opera conspiracy-fuelled adventure that will entertain all ages.
Caption: Sacks Marydale Pecora gives Sandra Delgado an energy attunement at her Reiki share session.