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Synonyms for attune

Synonyms for attune

to alter for proper functioning

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adjust or accustom to

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In what may be considered a controversial move, especially now, (1) I make the case that a valuable resource for understanding the ontological dimension of oppression is Martin Heidegger's account of attunement (Befindlichkeit).
My point of departure for making this claim is based upon Heidegger's account of attunement that purports to provide insight into the fundamental structures of existence.
She matches the affect ('she makes a number of attunements to his expression of pleasure') so she can take the doll from the child.
I want to reflect on how strangers become moody figures, those who are not attuned, or who get in the way of attunement.
In this part of the paper I take on board Boss' ideas--especially the distinctions between the waking and the dreaming mode of being--and continue with Heidegger (3), attempting to make sense of bad dreams in light of what he termed as Befindlichkeit: our mood and attunement to life.
The idea that Heidegger attempts to present by introducing Befindlichkeit refers to 'how one finds oneself, one's attunement or disposition that presents the ontological fact that we are always and already in relation to the world in our particular ways.
85) The artist, in imposing his design upon his materials (the earth), is able in this artwork to produce beauty; and this beauty, in turn, is able to elicit the rapture that disengages us from our everyday attunements where our normal subjectivity, our being as a subject, is lodged.
Attunements are more radically foundational than "feelings"; they are, rather, as we described above, diverse ways of relating to what-is in the world.
In creating a new culture together, one which engenders pervasive affective attunements or in Heidegger's sense, moods that make the school world a place that invites and excites, leaders wisely attune to their own and others' needs for respect care and support.
They need to enact leadership which fosters social reformation of emotional attunements so that being in the world of schools can be collaboratively reconstituted.
The ideal is one of harmonious attunement of the individual and the natural cosmic environment.
com)-- The Twelve Attunements tells the story of Sophie Archer, a young journalist who discovers that a secret group of global elite is trying to control the world.
Bring a master crystal to class for attunement and programming.
According to Pinar, the experience of the painting, composed of seemingly disparate and randomly intersecting lines of paint, draws the spectator as participant into the "aesthetic experience," an experience of attunement and truth-happening in a register beyond the bounds of the purely cognitive.
Caption: Sacks Marydale Pecora gives Sandra Delgado an energy attunement at her Reiki share session.