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Just as he caught the swing of them and started, his imagination attuned in flight, always they vanished away in a chaotic scramble of sounds that was meaningless to him, and that dropped his imagination, an inert weight, back to earth.
A rangy, gangly, Scandinavian youth of a sailor, droop-shouldered, six feet six and slender as a lath, with pallid eyes of palest blue and skin and hair attuned to the same colour scheme, joined Kwaque in his work.
for a poet, delicately attuned and all the rest of it, you can make unlovely noises.
It was as if the tones came from a church in the still forest; people looked thitherward, and felt their minds attuned most solemnly.
But with all their high-strung and delicately attuned perceptive faculties the two bulls of the tribe of Kerchak were often sore pressed to follow the trail at all, and at best were so delayed that in the afternoon of the second day, they still had not overhauled the fugitive.
Let her voice speak the music that you once loved best, attuned as sweetly to your ear as to mine.
Razumov's presence in Geneva, a little more credible--for this is a Russian story for Western ears, which, as I have observed already, are not attuned to certain tones of cynicism and cruelty, of moral negation, and even of moral distress already silenced at our end of Europe.
Summary: US Dollar Forecast Bearish on Clear Downward Momentum Euro Fundamentally Weak but Still the DollarEoe1/4aos Counterpart Japanese Yen Attuned to Risk Aversion,.
Whether walking in the early morning chill or maneuvering through the emotional land mines of a holiday party, be attuned to what is real and deep.
Poker professional and "Card Player" magazine columnist Rolf Slotboom presents Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha: How to Win Big--Both Live and Online, a guide especially attuned to the complex elements of medium and high-stakes Pot-Limit Omaha poker.
Though his only direct queer reference is a personal aside about a memorable sexual peccadillo in Paris, Dessaix constructs this literary travelogue with observations and anecdotes that will resonate with any curious queer traveler, Like Edmund White's The Flaneur (an homage to loitering through Paris, aimless yet attuned to history and chance adventure), Twilight of Love revels in the thrill of allowing whim and obsession to unseat the rigid travel agent as arbiter of itinerary.
CPA Jim Metzler, AICPA vice-president of small firm interests, agrees: "Young professionals are smarter, more business attuned vs.
In addition, several small-scale independent studies have already found that the Schools Attuned program has a positive impact on student and teacher outcomes.
The Center will support the delivery of the Schools Attuned professional development program to 20,000 New York City public school teachers.
I'm a lot more attuned to technology than my father was, and my kids are more attuned than I am," he says.