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Synonyms for attrition

Synonyms for attrition

Synonyms for attrition

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation

a wearing down to weaken or destroy

the act of rubbing together

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BEIRUT: In a performance reminiscent of Inter Milan in 2010, a 10-man Chelsea pulled off a remarkable feat of attritional football to win 3-2 on aggregate (2-2 on the night) against Barcelona in the Nou Camp Tuesday to earn a place in the Champions League final.
Events with expected losses below this threshold are included as part of the company's attritional losses.
But limited-overs star Morgan showed he has the temperament to succeed in the longer format as he followed Collingwood's lead in a period of attritional, defensive cricket before freeing his arms to bring up his century with a big straight six.
JONJO O'NEILL'S Synchronised could be allowed to bid for further National glory next month after recording a battling success in an attritional John Smith's Midlands Grand National at Uttoxeter.
GhanaAAEs numerical disadvantage handed their opponents the initiative after an attritional first 45 minutes and Brazil dominated the second half.
Additionally, the US tactical focus on killing or capturing enemies promised little more than attritional warfare without operational breakthrough.
At the Rose Bowl, Hampshire made champions Sussex work hard for their wickets on an attritional second day, writes David Clough.
Excluding attritional losses, the total loss for 2007 was $1.
The error statistics from each set of data are contrasted to demonstrate contact linguistic mechanisms and specific grammatical and lexical features that are most prone to attritional forces.
A lot of the bottom-end reinsurance capacity disappeared, so many accounts with attritional losses or claims activity were not renewed.
Challenges associated with improving operating performance -- Increased claims inflation and a higher frequency of attritional losses have exerted downward pressure on the Club's underwriting results -- combined ratio of 117.
The derbies are intense, they are attritional, they are physical and passionate, everything you hope local derbies would be," he said.
In an attritional finish to the first division of the fillies' maiden at Newmarket, favourite White Chocolate gradually wore down Curlew River after trading at 20.
A brilliant century from skipper Misbah-ul-Haq put Pakistan in a strong position in the first Test before a late England counter-attack on an attritional first day.
A brilliant century from skipper Misbahul-Haq put Pakistan in a strong position in the first Test before a late England counter-attack on an attritional first day.