attrition rate

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the rate of shrinkage in size or number

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The analytics behind the scorecard allow the team to measure important metrics such as attrition rates, cross-sell ratios, campaign results and ROI.
Emma's role as a troubleshooter with a "one stop shop" solution helps to reduce these high attrition rates and increase staff motivation and productivity.
Over the next five years, the generalist attrition rate is projected to increase slightly to an average of 4.
On the other hand, when an acquiring bank has higher customer engagement than its target bank, the attrition rate at the target falls to 6% -- much closer to the industry average.
National chair of Nursing Educators in the Tertiary Sector Kathy Holloway said, while the attrition rate seemed high, she would like to see how it compared with previous decades and other professions.
The Indian central bank has cautioned commercial banks that they will have to put up with a high attrition rate.
Kothari's presentation went on to outline how Alarm Capital Alliance measures and manages their attrition rate in various markets across the country.
After 2008's very high mean attrition rate of 42 percent, rates declined significantly in 2009, down to a mean of 34 percent, showing that the economic downturn had taken some of the HR pressures off, with 2010 data showing attrition levels again dropping to a mean of 32 percent.
CEO Shibulal says Rohan's term will end with that of his father High attrition rate worries Infosys top management Infosys beats Street expectations in the fourth quarter Dollar revenues to be in the range of 7- 9% for 2014- 15 fiscal
com)-- Although healthcare organizations are surrounded by opportunities to grow their revenue and/or net profit, unfortunately many of these opportunities will not be executed due to the high attrition rate associated with the business development process.
Attrition rate was defined as the percentage of failed antibodies of all active and inactive antibodies.
It concluded that Kuwait has the highest attrition rate of GCC countries at eight percent.
He said the study found the attrition rate for recruits who are 35 and older was 32 percent - twice the rate for officers under 35.
We concur with the authors of the report that the LAPD must deal with the higher attrition rate it has experienced among older recruits, some of whom had reached customary retirement age after completing careers in unrelated fields.
The results of the age experiment, the report said, showed that the attrition rate for entry-level officers over 34 years old was twice the level for younger officers.