attrition rate

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the rate of shrinkage in size or number

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I know of several national developers who had attrition rates as high as 60 percent, meaning six out of 10 buyers discontinue the purchase.
On the other hand, when an acquiring bank has higher customer engagement than its target bank, the attrition rate at the target falls to 6% -- much closer to the industry average.
The attrition rate reinforced the need for sound orientation and support for both new graduates and new "hires", she said.
Another limitation of the study was the implementation of the Weaver reading program during the first year of the SATIN grant, which may have affected the attrition rate of the sample.
We do not find a consistent pattern of differences in attrition rates between KIPP and district schools (see Figure 2).
This average masks a very wide spread of attrition rates. While 13 percent of respondents have attrition rates in excess of 50 percent per annum, the same proportion have an attrition rate below 5 percent.
The attrition rate was very high as the high speed bumps caught out a lot of drivers.
Kent Town, Australia, July 31, 2013 --( Although healthcare organizations are surrounded by opportunities to grow their revenue and/or net profit, unfortunately many of these opportunities will not be executed due to the high attrition rate associated with the business development process.
In the Sultanate of Oman, the students' attrition rate at SQU during the period 1994-2001 was 12.3% (Al Ghanboosi et al., 2009).
It concluded that Kuwait has the highest attrition rate of GCC countries at eight percent.
Mr Harrison said the railway was "fortunate" to have a high attrition rate of eight to nine per cent.
They see statistics showing the average attrition rate for banks in the United States at 14.6 percent.
Programmed with SAS, this model allows users to instantly calculate the cost of attrition and the cumulative attrition rate that is based on the most recent retention and graduation behaviors of students.
Our attrition rate at 6 percent is less than 50 percent of the market rate.'