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Synonyms for attrition

Synonyms for attrition

Synonyms for attrition

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation

a wearing down to weaken or destroy

the act of rubbing together

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Holloway believes the 26 per cent attrition rate among ENs could, in part, be related to the numbers who enrol in a bachelor of nursing post-graduation.
RBI deputy governor, R Gandhi, said that opening the banking sector to private banks would lead to higher attrition.
CONCLUSION Nurse educators need to evaluate student profile characteristics in a comprehensive way when determining risk of attrition.
The objectives of this retrospective cohort study were to identify factors associated with ART attrition among patients initiating therapy in 2005-2011 at two large, public-sector department-level hospitals and to inform interventions to improve ART retention at these sites.
We find that, on average, KIPP middle schools admit students who are similar to those in other local schools, and patterns of student attrition are typically no different at KIPP than at nearby public middle schools.
"Most attrition happens in the first three years, which is to be expected.
We focus on the attrition and promotion behavior of waivered recruits as compared with their non-waivered counterparts, and we examine whether they are more likely to attrite or less likely to promote quickly.
ERIC Descriptors: Attrition (Research Studies); Student Attrition; Randomized Controlled Trials; Standards; Evidence; Models; Statistical Bias; Error of Measurement; Intervention; Educational Research
It added that while bonuses were up to 53 percent of salary in some cases, employee attrition is still a challenge for employers.
The desirable attrition rate of the property sector in advanced economies in Asia hovers within 8 percent to 12 percent with the exception of some countries like Mongolia where the spate of unfinished vertical developments has become the norm.
The House Minority bloc wants Congress to revisit the Lateral Attrition Law to fully ensure that government-collecting agencies would consistently meet their target revenues.
In the case of projecting the Order population, the components that affect the population size are attrition and appointments, which are analogous to deaths and births, respectively (1).
launched a new Attrition Mill within its line of washing and classifying machinery.