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worn by rubbing or friction

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Overall, the transition tree shows that all the paths are well balanced, and similar numbers of students from both class types in the first period did not comply with their treatment assignment by entering a small class within the same school or attrited from the sample altogether in the second period.
Before proceeding with prosthetic phase patient was referred to endodontic department for full mouth intentional root canal treatment as most of his teeth were attrited and there was severe gingival recession.
This was never done in Afghanistan, where the US military preferred instead a Groundhog Day loop of ineffectual battalion-sized "sweeping operations." The Taliban simply attrited US forces during these operations with improvised explosive devices, mines, and snipers, and flowed back into the "swept" areas as soon as US forces left.
Over the years, policemen without college degrees have been at risk of being attrited or terminated from the service due to nonpromotion.
Excluding the attrited participants from the sample, the cohort mean at the first time of measurement (29.63) was essentially identical to their mean score of at the end of training (29.38).
"Islamic state especially over the next several months is going to be attrited at a much faster rate than the recruitment rate," Abrahms said.
Inter-disciplinary management of a patient with severely attrited teeth".
This fact revealed that the attrited material is composed both of copper compounds and of support.
This original group has indeed been severely attrited in the last 12 years through the actions of the Bush and Obama administrations, as well as US partners and allies.
We examine the possibility of remaining nonrandom attrition bias by comparing prevalence rates of the seven A2 disorders collected in Wave I between respondents who (1) attrited between Waves I and II and (2) completed both waves.
We use this file to identify whether (and when) a recruit attrited. This file also provides loss reasons, which we use to define attrition.
During the winter of 2013, one school attrited; researchers dropped its matched pair, resulting in a final sample of 13 LWP sites and 42 schools (21 pairs).
Lose access to a base or have a single MSC support ship attrited out, and we have a game-changer.