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worn by rubbing or friction

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8 million in trailing 12-month Gross GDC; GDC from advisors recruited in fourth quarter 161% higher than GDC of attrited advisors; $20.
Similar analyses were used to compare participants who were retained and attrited in the two longitudinal studies (Family Care and 20-Here).
Rosters for both programs listed the outcome for all students, indicating whether they had completed UPT through phase two (during which they train in a specific airframe) or attrited from the program.
Severely attrited, the strong side eventually realizes that victory has become too expensive (financially and politically), as it concedes defeat.
The percentage of women who attrited from the Academy by this time was 6.
The relationship between physical properties of polymer granules and attrition behaviour was compared between intact (fresh/unused) and attrited particles.
The answer is that: while doing so might have attrited al-Qaeda somewhat, it is highly unlikely such a strategy could have prevented 9/11.
When a unit thinks about preassault fires on an objective to attrit enemy forces before an attack, how do we confirm that the forces have been attrited sufficiently?
8%) and may be partially explained because this is the first of several year groups (92 through 96) which were under-assessed and highly attrited.
An attrited speaker, on the other hand, could conceivably treat ababa ka as an unanalyzable negative adverbial expression.
Russell stated that "Attrition appears to offer no advantages in that the attrited samples invariably yielded lower results than head ores.
Women who attrited from the sample are included in the analysis, with attrition treated as an exogenous censoring event.
With sufficient time and airpower assets devoted to the mission, any force can, in principle, be attrited, but such assets are normally only available in limited numbers in real world contingencies.