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worn by rubbing or friction

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Respondents with a history of injection drug use were more likely to attrit than those with no injection drug use.
An example of a tasking to a guard is, "TF l-999(-) conducts a guard from phase line Alpha to phase line Bravo, to destroy (100%) the division reconnaissance and brigade reconnaissance, CRPs; destroy (by 75%) the FSE; attrit by one-third the advance guard main body (AGMB); on order, conduct battle hand-over with TF 1-998 and TF 1-997, move to BP Red to defend in depth in the brigade sector.
If the unit's task and purpose focus on the enemy--delay, disrupt, or attrit the enemy--the second step should be to determine where it can best kill the enemy and designate an engagement area.
As independent capabilities, cyber attacks could constitute single or small-scale events with narrow objectives, focused or widespread covert operations, overt military-like campaigns between belligerents, or persistent actions over extended periods to attrit an adversary's capability or will to resist.
Some leaders did not want to risk inviting aerial and artillery retaliation that would attrit their forces for the fight to come against the Afghan government.
And so I would argue that, as we are trying to attrit the recruitment and use of child soldiers, and are collecting more and more research information and more and more metrics, there is still a predominance of anecdotal information.
This seemed to make sense because "the desert afforded the Saudi forces the opportunity to attrit the Iraqis as they crossed the expanses of the desert toward Khalji.
To support these capabilities, the Defense Department needs to continue to procure systems in critical sectors, otherwise industrial capability will attrit, never to return, or if returning, only at a much greater cost than if the industry remained engaged at a reasonable level.
In a shift of focus related to regulatory setbacks, the company had elected to allow the legacy consumer business to attrit.
A counterforce strategy can be designed to attrit adversary naval forces (gray hulls) to the point where they can neither project military power nor defend against U.
When a unit thinks about preassault fires on an objective to attrit enemy forces before an attack, how do we confirm that the forces have been attrited sufficiently?