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worn by rubbing or friction

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This, in turn, reduces their vulnerability as they attrit U.
This seemed to make sense because "the desert afforded the Saudi forces the opportunity to attrit the Iraqis as they crossed the expanses of the desert toward Khalji.
At Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness, they will also present results from robustness checks new to this literature, including sensitivity of results to differential time to join and attrit from the intervention.
Some leaders did not want to risk inviting aerial and artillery retaliation that would attrit their forces for the fight to come against the Afghan government.
To support these capabilities, the Defense Department needs to continue to procure systems in critical sectors, otherwise industrial capability will attrit, never to return, or if returning, only at a much greater cost than if the industry remained engaged at a reasonable level.
The sophistication required to conduct SA successfully against modern systems entails a much greater intelligence-analysis cost than do operations that simply attrit enemy fielded forces.
When a unit thinks about preassault fires on an objective to attrit enemy forces before an attack, how do we confirm that the forces have been attrited sufficiently?
LaChance would not divulge proposed numbers but said his position was to "take care of this generation well and attrit down over a period of time.
As independent capabilities, cyber attacks could constitute single or small-scale events with narrow objectives, focused or widespread covert operations, overt military-like campaigns between belligerents, or persistent actions over extended periods to attrit an adversary's capability or will to resist.
11) The campaign thus became a blind effort to service a set of targets that air forces customarily hit, along with an equally blind effort to attrit Hezbollah's fighting forces.
For example, if the youth who attrit tend to be the low earners in the population, then the earnings distributions based on the NLSY will suggest greater growth over time than actually occurs because the lower tail of the distribution will thin due to the systematic loss of its members.
Of those respondents who did not attrit, 20 had observation periods less than 30 days, 35 had missing data for ethnicity or reported an ethnicity of "other," and 162 were missing data on illness stage.
We [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] observe these individuals from 1968 through 1988 or to the year in which they die or attrit (leave the panel).
Working out of the numerous villages around Salman Pak, AQI attempted to control the nahia's population; defend the Sunni areas against sectarian aggression; attrit coalition forces with IEDs, mortar attacks, and small arms fire; and disrupt National Police and Iraqi Police operations with IEDs and sniping.
He's fighting a war of attrition against us--slowly, patiently, one strike at a time he will try to attrit our national motivation, and cause a psychological effect against our Soldiers, making them reluctant to dismount from their armored vehicles, subtly shortening patrol durations, and causing them to avoid certain areas or zones.