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which produces ten thousand things; attributively, they are the forms
Donnellan calls the two uses of definite descriptions he has in mind the attributive use and the referential use: a speaker who uses a definite description attributively in an assertion states something about whoever or whatever is the so-and-so; a speaker who uses a definite description referentially in an assertion, on the other hand, uses the description to enable his audience to pick out whom or what he is talking about and states something about that person or thing.
As an agreement suffix attached to an adjective, -im only occurs predicatively, whereas attributively -i'is used with singular and plural reference alike.
The MED data shows that only 26% (40 tokens) of all doubly marked adjectives are used attributively.
The particle ha- is the most basic form of demonstratives for near deixis in many dialects, although it is, by itself, only used attributively, for both the ms and fs, and precedes the noun it modifies, as in ha-qalbek (Tunisian) 'this heart of yours.
A lower animal's memory of a color type that attributively guides its activity can be a nonpropositional substantive content memory.
It is those adjectival forms with the capacity for functioning both attributively and predicatively, AD[J.
Firstly, both referentially and attributively used definite descriptions can be incomplete, and hence stand in need of contextual completion.
1, where the participle is used attributively and both the meaning of the verb and the text itself have been questioned.
Nominalizations of verbs do of course occur but, significant to the case at hand, they typically function attributively, as genitives, or relative clauses, and not as the subject of a verb.
The matter is still fraught with difficulties in Modern English where accentuation may be a guide as to which combination has a first element attributively preceding the second, like an adjective, and which has the element as the first of a compound.
But what if the adjective is used attributively rather than as a predicate adjective following a copulative verb?
Additionally, one finds such compounds as hen--cackle used in the sense 'a trifle' and hen--and--egg used attributively in the sense 'the irresolvable problem of the first cause frequently in somewhat trivial contexts'.
Attributively, committee can only be combined with the syntactic, singular this (this / **these committee), but the other three positions in the Agreement Hierarchy allow both "syntactic agreement" and "semantic agreement" (the committee is / are; the committee that / who; the committee .
Apparently, the distance between a noun and an adjective that is added when an adjective is used predicatively accounts for the tendency to use indirect connections only attributively.