attributive genitive

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Synonyms for attributive genitive

a word in the genitive case that is used as an attributive adjective

a word in the genitive case used as an attributive adjective

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The attributive genitive of the plural noun for "barbarians" is also used to refer to the land across the river Danube as separate and different from the land of the Romans (Theophylact Simocatta 295) (20).
Instead of an attributive genitive, such as commonly used in his work to refer to the quality of being Slavic, Theophylact invented a name for the land of the Slavs derived from the very name he used for them in the History.
Adjectives with the suffix -inis, -e and attributive genitives of a noun are so close in their meanings, that it becomes not clear which of them should be used" (Skardzius 1935: 84).