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(6.) Per un'esplicazione riassuntiva di tutte le teorie attributive fino al 1997, si veda il saggio di Barnes JC (1997), dall'emblematico titolo Uno, nessuno e tanti: il 'Fiore' attribuibile a chi?
To establish the relation between the attributive variables in the use of ICT in students of fifth and sixth grade of primary schools, through a model of logistic regression.
As Sonia Massai has argued, a consideration of Wise's larger output shows that he specialized in texts by writers under the direct patronage of George Carey (namely, Thomas Nashe, Thomas Playfere, and Shakespeare, as the leading dramatist from the Chamberlain's Men), suggesting that a patronage connection may have motivated the publication of Shakespeare's plays, as well as their attributive claims.
However, it is a really a matter of concern that as against the violent acts that were typical to the uprisings that were attributive of the struggles against tyrannical rules across the world in the past ages, modern day rebellions have religious ideologies featuring as a major source of motivation.
Risk assessment evaluation was carried out considering the values of relative, attributive risk, chance ratio with detection of their 95% CI.
In order to prove my contention, it is necessary, in the first place, to recall that a definite description can be used in two different ways, which have been called "referential" and "attributive" respectively.
The research study addresses restrictions on attributive adjective order and their status in grammatical systems, and investigates the potential bearing the temporariness/permanence of property concepts have on the domain.
Syntactic function is understood here in terms of the contrast between attributive (e.g.
On the negative pole features, such as nouns, prepositional phrases and attributive adjectives are marked.
This is why one usually distinguishes between attributive, casual, adverbial relations of the determining (first) element to the determined (second) one.
McGinn tackles a diverse host of issues: sense, reference, identity, the relationship between sentences and propositions, proper names, modes of presentation, indefinite and definite descriptions, referential and attributive modes of description, the problem of negative existentials, rigid and nonrigid designators, demonstratives, indexicals, satisfaction, semantic internalism and externalism, the redundancy theory of truth, object and metalanguage, and speaker meaning, among many others.
Even though these attributive labels are not typically applied, almost every board has these players--or needs these players, in one form or another.
In particular cleft and cloven, alternative past participles of the 'apart' verb, regularly occur as attributive adjectives in expressions such as cleft palate and cloven hoof (though COCA does have examples of cleft hoof as well).
535-36) have shown that these are commonly used in attributive position, and occur more frequently in written registers, namely, news, fiction and academic prose.