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Where the synetic level is regarded as intensional and the diffeonic level as extensional, the identity is just an attributive coupling of intension and extension, i.
As described above, syntactic function is here understood in terms of the contrast between attributive and predicative position.
It shows that the nouns, prepositions, and attributive adjectives are being used in an excessive manner.
as with an attributive first member fall into two sub-types: those with adjective as first member (called karmadharaya (5) by Indian grammarians and in Comparative Grammar), e.
In social networks, each user has their own attributive characters, so this paper sets forth from user attributive characters to quantitatively analyze their attributes by using user individual data.
Even though these attributive labels are not typically applied, almost every board has these players--or needs these players, in one form or another.
These studies show that insecure attachment is mainly associated with attributive styles focused on reporting events as uncontrollable factors, in which the subject, therefore, cannot intervene (Di Pentima & Toni 2010; Gamble & Roberts 2005; Mickelson et al.
In particular cleft and cloven, alternative past participles of the 'apart' verb, regularly occur as attributive adjectives in expressions such as cleft palate and cloven hoof (though COCA does have examples of cleft hoof as well).
535-36) have shown that these are commonly used in attributive position, and occur more frequently in written registers, namely, news, fiction and academic prose.
idealized influence, attributive charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration) not all but some of the components (including attributive charisma, inspirational motivation, and intellectual stimulation) are positively related to organizational innovation.
As a rule, the noun case functions in the following attributive phrases in a scientific discourse: general case, obvious case, normal case, particular case, special case; the noun point was found in such phrases as: beginning point, central point, final point, further point, important point, limiting point, minor point, particular point, significant point, starting point.
The last four of these constructs produced attributive data and all the scale items we used were taken from the literature.
A similar concern was voiced out by al Maududi [6] when he notes 'Islam, in fact, is an attributive title.
Since one's attributive style acts as an "indicator" of the perception one has of one's capacities and more generally of oneself, it is important to take into account the pupils' perception of the cause of their successes and failures in order to predict their behavioral and emotional tendencies especially when there are scholastic difficulties.
He considers "there are descriptive compounds in which the modifier is used in attributive appositional or adverbial manner and there are also determinative compounds in which one is not an attribute to the other; it is rather related to the other in a way corresponding to one of its grammatical cases.