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Uniqueness is the characteristic of an attribute that make up its relevance for duplicate detection.
Thus neither God nor God's essence is defined by the attributes as commonly considered.
CPAs should pay particular attention to reporting tax attributes when there is a taxing authority audit or when the certainty of a tax position is in doubt.
There are many other historic examples of successful commodity ASE programs--but have the operational and acquisition environments changed such that the attributes of a commodity approach are no longer as important today?
If we could tear the sheet apart and think of these attributes separately, we just may be able to make the customers what they want and produce a relatively high margin product at the same time.
One might expect that attribute ratings by TIASs will vary by industry.
One of the more difficult tasks is to isolate what constitutes a 'negative' image attribute, other than it can be the opposite of an explicitly 'positive' image attribute (e.
Perfection can be classified as a second order attribute.
For numerical attributes the NCP of a cell on numerical attribute [A.
These can be grouped into attribute sets, so similar products can be created with the same attributes.
prayer attributes with low centrality ratings)] in describing a prayer experience with a character named Jim" (p.
381(a)-1(b)(3)(i) to conclude that attribute carryovers were not intended to apply only to those specifically listed in section 381(c).
381 establishes the tax attribute carryover rules for two types of tax-free transactions: liquidations of controlled subsidiaries under Sec.
For a Boolean feature or attribute, the value of the attribute is either 0 (feature is not present) or 1 (the feature is present).
More effective attribute management can help to improve operational efficiencies, save time and money, and enable a more efficient approval process.